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ShieldU 3D / Bellus3D Mask Fitter combo


  • Designed to mold to your face and hold surgical/procedural masks firmly in place
  • Rubber band provided
  • Basic snap-on assembly
  • Made in America
  • Product labeling
  • Orders will ship in 7-14 days
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Combine our reusable direct facial/splash protection ShieldU 3D with a custom Bellus3D/ROE Face Form Fitter for one lower price.  The Form Fitter holds the surgical or procedural mask snugly to the user’s face, while the Shield protects the entire face area. The shield is automatically added to this order, you just need to go through the process of acquiring the Bellus3D Face Fitter file and uploading it to ROE.

About the Form Fitter

Bellus3D/ROE Face Form Fitters. The Fitter holds the surgical or procedural mask snugly to the user’s face. This is accomplished by scanning the face with Bellus3D’s Face Scanner App, allowing the app to automatically design a custom Fitter .stl file to allow the user to send file to ROE. The Fitter is placed over the existing user’s mask, held fast with rubber bands or similar, and helps prevent any gaps around the edges of the mask.


  1. Download the Bellus3D app from the Apple App Store (iPhone 10, 11, iPad Pro only)
  2. Scan your and/or other’s face as instructed via the app prompts.
  3. User clicks “Mask Fitter” on the lower right.
  4. Instruction language appears, read and click “Next” on top right.
  5. Select a frame option (standard or premium) and follow instructions/click “Next”.
  6. Click button on the lower right that looks like a box with an up arrow in it and a lock symbol.
  7. Click the purple button to pay and export file.
  8. Chose your best email program to email the file you yourself.
  9. Go to your computer and save the .stl’s from your email to your desktop.
  10. Repeat this step for every face you scanned. Upload one .stl file per Mask Fitter being purchased.

Bellus3D Mask Options

Bellus3D offers three types of mask:


ROE highly recommends that you select either the Standard or Premium mask

  • The Standard mask has personal indicators that prevent confusion on who owns the mask
  • The Premium mask provides personal indicators as well as a framework for the underlying face mask.