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MEG TorQ Cordless Auto Torque Driver


Wireless MEG TorQ® driver offers the easiest, fastest, and safest way to place implant prosthetic components

  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price – $2000
  • Ideal for single-handed use in hard-to-reach posterior and maxillary areas
  • Place implant cover screws, healing abutments, impression copings, abutment screws, and other prosthetic components in less than half the time with the Meg-Torq Cordless Auto Torque Driver.
  • Preprogrammed settings provide precise torque values for all types of components and brands of implants.
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display shows every function, including speed, torque, direction of rotation, battery level, and calibration mode.
  • One-handed operation improves visibility and access to implant site. Operation buttons at both ends support a wide variety of usage angles and positions.
  • Built-in safety feature shuts motor down automatically on torque overload.
  • Handpiece head is autoclavable to 250°F. Handpiece can be cleaned with alcohol.
  • Download spec sheet


Accurate Torque Value, Strong Power!

  • Use as Second Implant Motor at soft bone cases (Max torque 35Ncm)
  • Quick removal of numerous prosthetic appliances
  • Easy to reach to molar areas
  • Approach the implants placed in distal areas
  • Record the number of abutment screw torquing accurately

Clinical Advantages:

  • One-handed operation widens implants view and increases productivity and safety.
  • Easy to handle the prosthetics. Speedy, accurate and safe operation
  • Visual access to operation site becomes easy thanks to the 2 operation buttons (up/ down) even in small spaces in the molar area.
  • Installation and removal of implant coping, healing abutment, and cover screws can be faster (more than 2 times) and more accurate.
  • MEG-TORQ is useful to reach to a distal implant or difficult cases such as lower third molar case than using hand-driver.