Seating and Adjusting a Finished Denture: A Prosthodontists Perspective

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Speaker 1
Is that giving you support? Is that okay? Yeah sir. That’s fine. It’s, it’s being a little stiff, but I want, I want to give you heads some support if that’s okay. I know I found a little suction there. You can close a little bit if you want. A little bit of suction there. We may have a little bit of fortune with the bottom one. Okay, that will be good. You have multiple bites, that’s normal. You can bite on the back. Then you can bite in the back and you can slide forward. You can go back, you can do that. For example, try the bite down now take any bite you want. Do you see how you did that? Then you went forward because you can do that. Okay. Can you bite down again? There you go. See? Nice class two. Now which bite am I going to look for?

Don’t worry about which one. I’m going to put some tape between the two. Yeah, you’re going to bite down. Even if you bit in the back. I’ll ask you the slide forward. Okay. And then I’ll say grind your teeth for me. Okay. And you go back sideways. Okay? Okay. No worries. Okay. Don’t overthink it. Go ahead and bite down if you can. That’s right. Now you’re forward. Perfect. Now go left and right with your lower job that she did the great. You can let go. Thank you. Nice job. Go on and bite again like you normally would And you did correctly go towards me this time a little bit more. Keep moving those teeth. Keep mo. There you go. There you go. Nice job. You can let go. Most patients have a hard time doing both. You did great. Yeah, it’s tired. Go towards you. Isn’t that strange? Yeah. Can you say 44 for me? 44. You did great. 55, 55, 85, 85, 94, 94, 98, 98, 94. 94. 97. 97. What grade? So before the sore spots appear, we’re going to catch them. Okay, good. Now does that mean it’s going to remove all the sore spots? We hope so. You might still have one sore spot and you’ll call us later and we’ll get you and you will adjust it for you. Okay? Love that. I love when the patient’s engaged. You’re perfectly positioned.

You’re going to feel me pressing head back if you can. Cause I don’t want to stress your neck. I said you’re not feeling anything are you? Uhuh? Wonderful. You know what that means? Drdo made a beautiful impression and this gentleman in his team did a beautiful time processing your teeth. Look at the suction through. See those two And same thing here. Do you see that? And same thing right here. Some people you look and you say, okay, can you say to yourself, I can’t just can’t imagine she has that much attached tissue. But she does. Meaning your gums are better than the original dentures showed us. Okay. It’s all white, right? Where did I say it’s going to be right here. That’s what I guarantee right here. Those are the spots are going to be shiny. There you go. You’re not even in the way. You can close halfway if you wish you can. And I’m holding it and I do this. Get some suction out of that. You can rest. Yeah, you don’t do a lot. I don’t.

Now let’s check the plate. That’s the next step. You can rest. You can close. Okay, let’s just get the lip one a little bit so your lip can rest. Good for you. Excellent. She did that. Then she went forward. Can you stay closed like you’re clenching. Excellent and open for me again. Can you fight down again? That’s it. Can you stay closed like you’re clenching? Thank you. And open again. Can you python down on your back teeth? Excellent. Stay right there and open again. And python down on your back teeth again. Thank you. Can you open again and python down. I’m just watching this time. No paper. Excellent. No more aggressive. Cause the lingual cuff is not the active cu in this case. And max lingual, right? And then man and bite down again. Crying forward and backward. I love it when the patient knows exactly what to do. Now you can let go and by down again and go forward and backward. I love it. Thank you. This is the one that’s touching heavily.

We’ll wait for later for that one and not going anywhere near anything inside. So just there just a general adjustment of this, a general light adjustment of these. If any more, I might just remount. So we’ll see. Job well done. When you bite down, do you feel one side touching before the other? Go ahead. Can you bite down from me on your back teeth? That’s it. Stay right there. Finally you feel that. Thank you. And open for me again and bite down from me on your back teeth. Stay right there. Feel how tight that is. And hoper for me again. And bite down on your back teeth on that side. Almost the same. One more adjustment. That’s the first time I fought that kind of resistance and hoper for me again, why don’t you go ahead and bite down since you did it and grind left and right. That’s it. And open again. Thank you. Bite down again and go forward and backward. Not moving as much. And open again for me please. And bite down for me. Go forward and backward and side to side job. No, that that right up here. That’s the first time it’s touching that side. Oh. Oh. That’s the first time you activated that right side. Oh, okay. So that’s why you felt more so on the right side, the remaining polish is done with the policy. This just gets rid of scratches one .

Speaker 2
Probably. I actually have an analog.

Speaker 1
Her bite is so tight in the front. So I made the adjustments and in the last 10% of the adjustments are actually going to be made using the polish. So you go, you think you need to go about minus 5% and then you just let the polish do the rest. So I see more separation. They look kind of blocking the polish should make ’em smooth. Oh, they look more human. You see that? And then you go from behind it to remove the rough edges. And then what about these here we did plenty. We don’t want to remove the beautiful anatomy the A this team put in there. So just a little bit of that. Just a little bit. I think we’re good. I tongues up. Look, your gums have been used to what? They have been used to this for some time. So when knees are placed, it’ll take a minute for the gums slightly adapt to these.

Okay, so you might feel, boy, that’s not as tight as I thought. Give it a minute, give it a week and see if it gets better. There you are. So you’ve got those two different bites. You can go in the back and you can go forward. But you were hitting in the front of the little hearts. I relieved that point there. You’re not hitting this heart, which might need to be relieved even more next time. Now I’m going to say something that’s going to make you smile because I want you to smile for this. You’re done. I need a big smile so I can see that right there. Beautiful.


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