Scanning for Full Arch – Implant Supported Denture

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We’re going to scan something a little funky here. This is an implant-supported prosthesis that needs one more site picked up, and this is a denture that has already been fixed on three multi-unit abutments and the doctor needs to pick up the fourth because the implant was delayed or whatever the reason is. Maybe the angle was changed for the multi-unit abutment and now there’s a void to pick up a temp cylinder. In real life, this is going to have to be a very accurately made prosthesis because we’ve still got to screw it down on three, there’s probably a model in the lab, but let’s say the doctor wants to have a shell to pick up that site. Let’s see how this thing does when you’re just scanning a hole. So this is the normal way to do it, you just scan the full scope of the denture, picking up those implant parts nicely, and there’s your void, which was our goal, to pick up the void. I’m going to come across the palette, and I’ll tell you, normally I don’t come across the palette like that with these scanners, I keep going around the vestibule and then try to pick it up with the vault, but this scanner does it every time. So let’s get down in there and scan the interior border. Got the implants nicely, just kind of roll around and make sure to get all that data.

And it’s not a custom tray; we could you know could stop if it was a custom tray, but we want to actually make a denture to try in. Follow the border around, like we always do, like that. It’s nice that the hole is not confusing the system. Come around the labial, and let’s get the occlusion real quick. You know, I have to say wherever you put that head, it really does pick everything up nicely. If it gets a little confused and lost, you just put it right back to an older spot that it captured. Let’s see how we do here with the hole from the occlusal side. You can see on your camera that this thing is really shiny, I don’t think scanners used to pick up holes that well. Well, that’s impressive. Yeah, they always get a little lost on the shiny part of the palette, but again we don’t need it, we’ll fill it in. And there’s the void… no problem.
If this thing had four voids and you wanted to pick up four different spots, that would work. Another successful scan!


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