ROE Dental Laboratory’s Predictable ESP Full Dentures and Staub Cranial Dentures

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This ROE info minute will discuss ROE’S predictable denture service. ROE offers two denture techniques, one ESP an Ivoclar system, and the second is Staub Cranial. In this video, we will discuss ESP. First, let’s mention some standards of ROE. For 20 years, we have used Ivoclar pressure injected acrylic for dense, porosity free partials and dentures. We use ortho lingual, ortho plain, ivoclar teeth, anterior PEs, and posterior blue lines. And we use all three acrylic shades, ethnic light, and preference. And as with all of our removable appliances, isotropic finishing is our standard.

All denture cases from ROE begin on process acrylic bases. This facilitates an accurate bite registration as well as a chance for the patient to pre-approve the fit and comfort of the denture base. Another standard is the use of Ivoclar’s Stratos Articulation System. The highlighted picture here shows their 2D template and how we use it to verify curve of speed. And Wilson, in each case, helping us set balanced occlusion. We are happy to use any articulator of your choice. And as a bonus, if you would like to use your Whit Mix Hanau or Dana facebow, we can cross mount with a special jig on to our strata system so that we can still use our tools.

Regarding our Staub system. Please return to our main screen and watch the info minute on Staub Cranial dentures. As with all of our products, you can visit our website to view all the details of our services. At the end of this info minute, there will be a link to take you to our homepage where you will go to products and services, removable removables, and then E S P Full dentures. This will give you all the details and you can also click here for Staub Cranial or isotropic finishing. Thank you for viewing, and here are two links. One to Staub and one to ESP.


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