ROE Dental Laboratory’s Full Arch Fixed Prosthetic Options

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This video will discuss ROE Dental Laboratory’s main full arch prosthetic options, and they range from softer materials all the way through to nearly clinically indestructible materials. Let’s go through each product quickly. The softer materials are called Ultra-nano. Ultra-nano is a crystal ultra composite tooth that is milled and then is bonded to a substructure. In this case, a substructure is tri lore, which is another milled substrate from a puck. It’s an industrial strength material, and once we have the two components, we bond them together as we bond the tooth section. All the teeth are one, essentially one tooth, and then we bond them to this sub-structure. And then we use a light cured composite to add the pink. And then we bond in these cylinders. So this is called Ultra-nano Trilor. The next product is a little bit stronger. This has a titanium sub-structure, so it doesn’t have the copings like the Trilor.

Rather, these, this section connects directly to the MUAs with screws, and then it is bonded to a section of crystal teeth, just like the Trilor version. And then a light bead composite is added. This is a little bit stronger because it has a rigid sub-structure, more rigid than the Trilor. So if you need to have a cantilever or if you want to have less parts, then this is a very nice option. Both of these are critical that the laboratory designs a sub-structure for tooth support, because as with all dental materials, the sub-structure supports the superstructure and prevents shearing and breaking off of materials. Very important that the design is made right by the lab. The next line of products is all in our TLZ Class. TLZ is our full contour zirconia, whether it’s single crowns, all the up to full arch and TLZ.

We call it TLZ-IB for implant bridge is, comes in an FP1, FP2, and FP3. FP1 is simply a crown and bridge version of the design. This will have cylinders in each section. Now, some doctors order them without ti-bases or copings, but generally they’re included. This has no pink, so it’s more of a crown and bridge design. And it’s very nice for the aesthetic zone, or when you have a transition line that’s in the smile, FP2 has a little bit of pink, could have a little bit more than this, but usually just a little bit. And this is often also in the transition line or with situation where there isn’t, isn’t an excessive amount of vertical space to fabricate the restoration. Certainly want some nice photographs of the tissue in order to make this blend in. And then finally, the FP3, which is really the workhorse of full arch restorations.

This is a solid milled puck of zirconia, and we use a translucent liquid ceramic to beautify it, to make it aesthetic, and even to add the pink. So no longer do we fire porcelain in the pink or even on the teeth because it’s time consuming and really over multiple firings. It’s really, really deteriorates the zirconia we found, and it’s just very time consuming. So instead, we use these liquid translucent ceramics to make it beautiful and then a highly polished surface. And then the copings are bonded in. So this is nearly clinically indestructible, and this is our longest warranty item. So these are our full arch prosthetic options. Of course, there are many variations with full arch prosthetics, and we are happy to accommodate. Just let us know the design that you wish, do our best to accommodate your needs. And to protect the full arch device, we send a miniComfort guard. This is a lower appliance that the patient wears at night or day. You can see it’s, it’s unique, it’s flexible, it’s soft, but it has two little nubs here. They’re called discluding elements. And what the patient will do is contact these two with the canines, and it’ll remind the patient to open and stop clenching. So it’s a deprogramming device that a patient can actually wear during the day to protect their investment. That’s a miniComfort guard.


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