What is the new and improved way to approve surgical plans?

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Since 2004, ROE Dental Lab has made approximately 150,000 surgical guides for doctors all over the world. For the past several years, we have made what are called video plans, where we make a plan, we do a voiceover explaining what we made in the plan, and we email it to you for your review. Well, now we are gonna step it up and make something that is much more convenient for you. We have partnered with one of the leading guided surgery companies in the world. Through this partnership, we are able to offer what we call a viewer. And the viewer is we plan the case. And instead of sending you a video and a voiceover, we send you the actual plan. And what that means is that on your end, you simply download it quickly and you can either just review it and approve it, or you can make some slight minor changes to the implant position, even change the rotation in the abutment, and then you can approve that empowers you to learn the software if you wish, or simply approve the cases on your time.

Make little changes if you want, or just simply approve. There are a couple different ways to work with this software. One is you can just have the viewer, it’s free. You can work on an iPad, you can work on an iPhone, you can work on a pc on the go or at home or at your office. And you can just simply download and approve if you’re on an iPad or if you’re on an I product then you have the option of within the app spending just $9 a month and then you can actually manipulate the implant on one of the Apple products. This allows you to really take control of your implant case and do some serious adjustment if you need to, or again, minor tweaks, approve, and then we make the guide. So how do you get started? It’s very simple. Go to our website, roedentallab.com, and on there, there is a particular link just for real guide for the viewer. And in there you can watch some tutorials on how to work with the software. They’re just simple, simple tutorials about downloading how to work with the files and how to just manipulate the implant on a very basic level within the software there’s some wonderful tutorials if you really wanna take it to the next level. But go to the website, download and get started with us right away.


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