miniComfort® Puzzle Picture

ROE has designed and created over 45K miniComforts™ since 2016.  Talk to us about your case.

Use the following steps to understand if a miniComfort® would be beneficial for you.

Step 1

Hold a mirror slightly to one side of your face. In place of a mirror, you can take a selfie of your canines (eye teeth).
Using two washed fingers, pull your cheek slightly so that you can see your canines.

Step 2

If the upper and lower canines are pointed and unworn they are normal. You should check your canines from time to time for signs of wear.

Step 3

The picture shows canines that are beginning to flatten due to clenching or grinding This is is the time to discuss a miniComfort® with your dentist to prevent further damage.

Step 4

Ignoring the warning signs caused by clenching and grinding can lead to serious problems as shown in the above picture. These problems include pain and suffering as well as many thousands of dollars in dental work.

3 Days

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