miniComfort® Testimonials

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Patients love the fact they can wear their miniComfort® guard during the day! A large portion of our patient base clench during the daytime whether sitting in front of the computer or sitting in traffic. Great solution for daytime bruxers who cannot wear their traditional guard all day. It’s comfortable, invisible, and functional!

Dr. Shayer Shah


I’ve been using the miniComfort® for several months. They are easy to seat, patients find them easy to wear even during the day and they are effective in preventing grinding and can help break the clenching habit.

Tom Cordrick, DDS


The only guard that ever stayed in my mouth at night. I love it and wear it when I work out, when I drive and when I sleep. It’s the best guard I’ve ever owned, and I’ve tried them all.
Dr. Marcus Castro


miniComfort® is the only guard that patients can comfortably and inconspicuously wear during the day. I’ve prescribed it for years and have always had tremendous results. I always remind patients that this is a guard to change habits and protect teeth, … it’s not a hard plastic guard to be chewed and clenched upon. There’s nothing hard about it.
Dr. John Kline, Inventor of miniComfort