miniComfort® Frequently Asked Questions

Short Answer

Consistent and heavy bruxism may suggest underlying issues of stress and anxiety exist. Non-dental medical guidance would be beneficial for the patient.

Long Answer

Simply because of its soft comfortable nature the miniComfort® will not last for years. Shoes and gloves also wear out. Contact lenses are disposable. Tires wear out. Bruxism and other para functional habits are extremely destructive forces. Patients must own the dysfunction and if they want to prevent major damage to their teeth over a lifetime then they need understand prevention is the best route, and that is, the earlier the better.

As soon as a patient presents with a worn canine cusp tip the miniComfort® should be prescribed. Females at age 16 years are usually prime candidates. During the miniComfort® co-diagnosis is the perfect time to begin discussing physical therapy, and awareness and biofeedback training. These same discussions should be incorporated even at the initial seating of their first miniComfort® . Remember, both awake bruxism and sleep bruxism are both parafuctional muscular activities. Present day science relates these parafunctional activities to stress and anxiety.

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