LVI Neuromuscular Orthotics

ROE has designed and created over 52K splints & guards in the last 5 years.  Talk to us about your case.

Splints and GuardsAt ROE we offer numerous occlusal splint designs for the various dental disciplines. Many of our clients have specific preferences for the fabrication of the appliance. However, if no specific instructions are provided, bruxism splints are flat-plane with point cusp contact and 3mm labial coverage. TMJ appliances are fabricated with posterior cusp contact, 3mm of labial coverage and cuspid disclusion. Please print the custom work authorization on the left for your case.

Our neuromuscular trained technicians have the privilege of working with many dentists throughout the country, treatment planning and fabricating restorations to LVI specifications.

LVI Orthotic – shown with tooth-colored occlusals. All orthotics are created with the lvocap BPS injection process to ensure a dense long-lasting appliance. As with all our removables, orthotics are returned on the master model for pre-seating verification of fit. Please download our preprinted work authorization form for your convenience.

Standard Design

  • Acrylic covers 2mm incisal edge
  • No anterior guidance
  • Anatomical posterior occlusion and occlusal tooth form with precise holding cusp occlusal contacts
  • Lingual wire reinforcement

Alternative Design

In the event you run into a compromised case here are some alternative materials and designs that may be helpful.

  • Cast Metal – Where interocclusal space is limited, chrome/cobalt, wironium or yellow gold provides long term strength and stability.
  • Cast Thermoplastics – Flexite MP 520 offers increased strength with minimal thickness. Flexite is non-allergenic and more durable than conventional acrylic.
  • Tooth Shaded Acrylic – A tooth-colored occlusal surface blends well in the oral environment. It also makes indicating marks much more visible during micro-occlusal adjustment.
  • Denture Teeth – Denture teeth can be placed in edentulous areas of splints for a more esthetic and functional appliance.
LVI Orthotic

4 Days

Lab Working Time

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Review our Splint and Guard Offerings

CLEARguard miniComfort CLEARSplint LVI Neuromuscular Orthotic
5 options 2 w/ each purchase
Application Night protection and TMJ Nighttime/daytime protection & habit deprogramming

Night protection and TMJ

Both day and night protection
Brief Description H/H, H/S, with memory liner Semi-soft guard with discluding elements Hard guard Hard guard
Arch Upper or Lower Lower Only Upper or Lower Upper or Lower
Hard / Soft Hard & Soft Semi-soft Hard Hard
Heat and Seat (with water) Product dependent No Yes No
Materials Dental LT Clear Resin (V2) Vacuum formed biocompatible resin CLEARSplint Ivocap
Patient Records IOS scan or master cast. IOS scan or master cast. Lower must include the labial vestibule. IOS scan or master cast. Tens Bite
Days in Lab 2-4 3 3 4
Clarity ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★
Price $-$$$ $$$ $$ $$$$$

Splint and Guard ADA Codes

  • D3470 – Intentional re-implantation (including necessary splinting)
  • D4322 – Splint – intra-coronal; natural teeth or prosthetic crowns
  • D4323 – Splint – extra-coronal; natural teeth or prosthetic crowns
  • D5987 – Commissure splint
  • D9943 – Occlusal guard adjustment
  • D9944 – Occlusal guard – hard appliance, full arch
  • D9945 – Occlusal guard – soft appliance, full arch
  • D9946 – Occlusal guard – hard appliance, partial arch

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