Flexible Partial Dentures

RemovablesSince the late 1980’s we’ve fabricated flexible restorations, with excellent results. TCS is a flexible denture base resin that is ideal for partial dentures and unilaterals. TCS provides a fully functional yet aesthetically superior removable restoration. Clasps can be easily tightened chairside by imply immersing the appliance in hot water.

When you would like extra stability, we recommend fabricating a Flexible Hybrid. This type of case is designed with a metal framework in order to include rest seats and prolong the life the appliance in the event your patient need teeth added.

TCS Unbreakable™

Twin Clasp Technique

This technique is useful for when the dentist is fabricating a crown under an existing partial denture clasp, without the necessity of the partial denture.

Twin Clasp Technique
Step 1 Prior to tooth preparation be sure to observe the seating of the partial. Success of this technique is dependent upon a positive and accurate sear if the partial after the tooth is prepared.
Step 2 Prepare the tooth and place the retention cord.
Step 3 Inject heavy-bodied polyether or one-step polyvinyl around the prepared tooth, making sure the entire margin is captured.
Step 4 Fully seat the partial into its proper position in the mouth allowing the clasp around the prepared tooth to imbed itself into the impression material. Do not allow the clasp to be totally covered. If the material covers the clasp wipe it off. The objective is to register the tooth surface of the clasp, rest and minor connector. Covering the entire clasp will render this technique ineffective.
Step 5 Allow the material to set under the clasp without occlusal contact.
Step 6 Remove the partial and clasp impression from the mouth. The small impression will most likely be removed with the partial. Separate the impression from the partial without altering it in anyway.
Step 7 Perform a normal C&B impression procedure without the partial in place.
Step 8 Provide ROE with the study model of the partial in place (optional).
Step 9 Send ROE the clasp impression, regular C&B impression, bite, opposing model, study model and work authorization for the construction of the crown.
Step 10 At ROE we use the twin clasp impression to wax and cast a clasp assembly that mimics the existing partial. The new crown is fabricated to fit within the duplicate clasp.

How to Add a Tooth to an Existing Flexible Partial Denture

Adding A Tooth to a Flexible Partial Denture
Step 1:
Duplicate pick-up impression
Take an impression of the patient's mouth with the flexible partial denture in place. This impression will serve as a guide for the new tooth's position and ensure proper fit.
Step 2:
Prep area
Prepare the flexible partial denture by roughening the area where the new tooth will be added. This step helps create a better bonding surface for the new tooth.
Step 3:
Set & wax tooth
Select a suitable tooth that matches the color, shape, and size of the adjacent teeth. Position the tooth on the flexible partial denture using wax to hold it in place temporarily.
Step 4:
Invest & boil out
Invest the flexible partial denture with the waxed tooth in a dental flask. This process involves embedding the denture in a plaster-like material. Once the investment material has set, boil out the wax, leaving a space for the new tooth.
Step 5:
Apply fusing liquid to existing flexible partial and inject
Apply a fusing liquid or bonding agent to the prepared area on the flexible partial denture. This liquid helps create a strong bond between the existing denture and the new tooth. Inject thermoplastic resin into the space left by the boiled-out wax, filling the void and securing the new tooth in place.
Step 6:
Finish & polish
After the thermoplastic has cured, remove the flexible partial denture from the flask. Trim any excess thermoplastic, and polish the denture to create a smooth, seamless finish.

8-12 Days

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Denture ADA Codes

  • D5110 – Complete denture – maxillary
  • D5120 – Complete denture – mandibular
  • D5130 – Immediate denture – maxillary
  • D5140 – Immediate denture – mandibular
  • D5211 – Maxillary partial denture – resin base
  • D5212 – Mandibular partial denture – resin base
  • D5213 – Maxillary partial denture – cast metal framework
  • D5214 – Mandibular partial denture – cast metal framework

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