Dentists throughout the United States rely on ROE for support with fixed reconstruction restorations. Whether your case is straightforward or needs a unique solution due to bone limitations for implant position placement we are your resource for prosthetics.When you need support from the onset, please give us a call and explain the situation and we will help to help set you on the right path. It’s important to note that today not all cases start with implant-level impressions. Today’s complex cases often require special components and planning prior to master impressions to ensure proper design for screw access, appropriate tooth position, esthetics and functionality.

Ultra-Nano-IB with TrilorUltra-Nano-IB (Milled Prosthetic on Trilor or Titanium Bar)

Turnaround time – 11 Production Days – Generally designed from an iJIG – 7 Lab Days and/or Printed Try-In – 7 Lab Days

Beautifully designed and milled teeth bonded to milled fiber-composite or titanium substructure bars. This material is highly esthetic, very strong and durable, offers a light-weight option with much less abrasive characteristics than zirconia and softer landing for the patient. This is the go-to for single and double arch implant supported arches.

  • Beautiful teeth milled from high-strength Crystal Ultra
  • Choose between strong hi-tech fiber-composite substructure
  • Titanium substructures are milled here at ROE, or can be ordered OEM from some implant companies
  • Light-weight design, adjustable, durable and low wear to the opposing

TLZ-IB – Monolithic Implant BridgeTLZ-IB – Monolithic Implant Bridge

Turnaround time – 11 Production Days

TLZ-IB is ROE’s full arch zirconia, implant-supported bridge. Maxillary arches include new translucent liquid ceramics. Mandibular cases include a staining technique. Full arch zirconia are designed in the latest software, milled on precision, industrial milling machines, and are always designed from approved prototype try-ins (additional cost for work-up).

The benefits to TLZ-IB :

  • Highly resistant to chipping and fracture
  • No more teeth “popping out”, acrylic fractures, or denture tooth wear
  • Beautiful ceramic esthetics with new translucent liquid ceramics
  • Natural looking gingival esthetics also with new translucent liquid ceramics
  • Works with all major implant brands
  • A functional prototype is tried-in and worn to verify function and esthetics prior to fabricating the final restoration.
    This will facilitate a predictable final appointment and provide the patient with an excellent spare, “just in case”, appliance.
  • 10mm of vertical space is all that is needed Often this will allow more conservative surgery
  • ADA Codes: D6078 Implant/Abutment Supported Fixed Denture for Completely Edentulous  Arch

Fixed Hybrid

Dental Implant Hybrid Fixed

Fixed Implant Hybrid

3 days – Model-work, evaluate, order implant  parts
4 days – Screw down bite block & fit verification jig
2 days – add for processed base for Overdenture
6 days – Set teeth for try-in
8 days – Fabricate titanium bar with teeth for Try-In
4 days – Reset teeth
5 days – Process & finish

    • Screw retained fixed design
    • Titanium substructure is milled via CAD/CAM
    • Denture teeth are set in acrylic
    • It’s design has vertical dimension minimum requirements of 12mm minimum inter-arch space / per arch.

Fixed Porcelain Bridge

There are different methods of producing full arch C&B prosthetic. One is to fabricate individual porcelain crowns and cement to a zirconia, chrome cobalt or a titanium milled substructure. Other methods are to mill a full zirconia bridge FP1 style that meet the implants if possible, or meets MUA abutments, or perhaps on custom

C&B Implant Bridge – Full Zirconiaabutments. Most of these methods require strategic placement of implants, precision impressions, and prototype try-ins.

  • Screw retained fixed design
  • Milled or cast substructure veneered with porcelain
  • Implant location and vertical dimension must be ideal
Implant Typodont Demo Models – educate your patient. Available in the ROE online store.