CLEARaline Ortho Aligners

AlignersCLEARaline ortho aligners from our clear aligner lab are a comfortable, esthetic and effective solution to treat anterior and premolar malocclusion. They are nearly invisible and have improved stain and tear resistance. CLEARaline ortho aligners are made from a premium thermoformed plastic material that is engineered for precise fit, ongoing force retention, and exceptional durability.


CLEARaline now offers treatment options for molar movement!

ROE is excited to announce that CLEARaline is accepting ortho cases requiring molar movement. Contact our clear aligner manufacturers at ROE to get CLEARaline into your practice.


Advanced Engineering

CLEARaline uses an elastomeric layer encased in a dual shell construction that provides a consistent, continual force for your patient’s comfort. The consistent pressure produced by the dual-shell construction accurately moves teeth over the prescribed period of time.


Tooth Movement Force at 98.6º F (Initial vs. Day 7)

Tooth Movement

Tear Strength & Stain Resistance

Tear Strength

Simplified Case Management

  1. Records – Doctor takes IOS or PVS impression with master cast
  2. Case Acceptance – Doctor submits the case to ROE Dental Laboratory
  3. Design – Case is designed and a treatment plan created
  4. Approval – Doctor approves treatment plan
  5. Manufacturing – CLEARaline ortho aligners are manufactured
  6. Delivery – CLEARaline package is delivered to the doctor

Treatment Options

  • This product from our clear aligner lab is perfect for esthetic cases – crowding, spacing, midline shift, overbite, or open bite.
  • Not all cases can be treated – no molar movements or band treatment. Full arch bite change and elastics currently not.
Get Technical

Get Technical

CLEARaline can be used with or without tooth attachments. To achieve some treatment plans, attachments may be required. Vertical attachments create a surface that the aligner pushes on to create the desired tooth movements. A tray is provided at the attachment stage to allow the clinician to create tooth-colored attachments in the specified locations.

Max. Movements Per Case
Movements Per Case
Max. Movements Per Tray

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Treatment Package

  • Free redesigns
  • 1 free refinement
  • Doctor approval app – easy case acceptance
  • 3D Ortho viewer
  • Smile summary report – contains all pertinent movement details
  • Patient Guide – explains proper use and care of the aligners.
  • CLEARaline preview – 2D-to-3D, or 3D-to-3D. Simply provide ROE with patient photos or .STL files and receive 3D animation of their smile with CLEARaline treatment.
  • Clearly marked aligners – clearly marked baggies so patients know the correct order in which to wear them.
  • Care Kit – tools to help your patient remove and store their aligners safely.

12 Days in Lab

(4 days for treatment plan / 8 days for fabrication)


5 Pillars of Ortho Aligner Success, Part 1 of 3

5 Pillars of Ortho Aligner Success, Part 2 of 3

5 Pillars of Ortho Aligner Success, Part 3 of 3

Records Needed to Fabricate a ROE Ortho Aligner

Additional Information

Related FAQs

What is the advantage of CLEARaline versus similar clear aligners on the market?

CLEARaline is specifically designed to treat mild-to-moderate anterior cases. With a more specific patient focus, we can offer an option that is significantly more affordable than broader-targeted systems such as Invisalign.

In a typical practice how many patients will qualify for CLEARaline?

If you are a general dentist, about 70 to 80% of your patients will qualify for CLEARaline treatment.

Do I get billed for anything if my patient case does not qualify for CLEARaline?

No, if a patient is determined not to be a candidate for treatment, you are not billed.

How long does a patient wear a CLEARaline tray?

The trays are designed to be worn for two weeks at a time. Depending on the age of the patient, their teeth may move slower or faster, so it is possible to need to change trays between 1 and 3 weeks.

What is included in the Treatment Plan?

1. Number of Trays
2. Before and After 3D simulations
3. Patient Information
4. IPR and Attachment Chart
5. Tooth Movement Report

What is the average number of trays required per case?

13 to 14 trays per arch is the average. For the most complex cases, up to 28 trays per arch may be required, but it is not common.

What records do doctors need to get started?

To get started, please submit to ROE:

  • Patient photographs
  • Completed CLEARaline Rx form
  • IOS or PVS impressions
  • (Optional) X-Rays

I submitted my records. How soon can I expect to receive my patient’s new treatment plan?

You may expect to receive your online treatment plan in as little as 4 business days, Monday through Friday. Once you have reviewed the treatment plan, you may decide to approve for production or send back for re-design.

I have approved a design. How soon can I expect to receive aligners?

Approximately 8 business days, not including shipping.


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