1. Intro to CHROME

Meeting You Where You Are

The Full Arch Turnkey Solution

At ROE, we go beyond simply offering a patented market-leading full arch stackable guide system and provide doctors a fully realized turnkey solution. It meets you where you are currently – then elevates your practice to the next full arch level.

See below for all the ways we can help, educate, and support your full arch growth.

Getting Started With CHROME

At CHROME GuidedSMILE, education is fundamental, which is why we provide a variety of free learning opportunities tailored to different needs and styles:

  • The Ultimate Guide to CHROME GuidedSMILE – Our 90-page digital and print guide covers all aspects of the CHROME GuidedSMILE system in detail, from records to protocols and more, with links to over 9 hours of extra content.
  • GuidedSMILE Online University – Doctors and staff can access our free 6-hour CE-accredited courses to rapidly onboard themselves and their teams on roles, responsibilities and process workflows.
  • YouTube Video Playlist – We offer an extensive YouTube playlist with over 100 informative videos explaining each component of GuidedSMILE.
  • Personal Introduction – Experts are available for one-on-one introductions to walk you through the system and address any specific questions you may have.
  • Technology Suite – Upgrade and/or grow all elements of your in-practice technology with a fully integrated and vetted digital system.

We are committed to equipping everyone with the knowledge to fully leverage our innovative system through this multifaceted educational approach.

Finding Patients

We understand that educating and convincing patients to accept full arch treatment can be challenging. To support your efforts, we provide fully customizable patient marketing materials to help:

  • Promotional Trifold – Designed to spur more full arch consultations by showcasing the benefits.
  • Patient Treatment Book – Increases patient acceptance rates by clearly outlining the proposed treatment plan.
  • Patient Journey Book – Covers the complete process from initial “Yes” to post-operative care, setting expectations.

ALL materials can be fully branded to look like you –  your practice name, logo, contact information, and photos for familiarity. Click here for an in-depth guide on personalizing these resources to represent your unique practice and approach.

By purchasing any of these patient marketing materials you will receive free access to a suite of marketing collateral suitable digital marketing on your website, your social media, and email marketing.

Beginning a Patient Case

Complete and accurate records are the number 1 reason for delays in full arch cases. To help you efficiently obtain the necessary patient records for CHROME GuidedSMILE, we provide several important resources:

  • Patient Records Playlist – 9 instructional videos covering records for all dentate and edentulous scenarios
  • Custom Records Checklists – Detailed per patient record capture guides for clinical staff to confirm record capture completeness
  • Comprehensive 40+ Page Patient Record Guide – Free downloadable book explaining all aspects of patient records, how to capture them, and the options in sending them in.
  • Real-Time Patient Record Verification – Meet with a GuidedSMILE representative to verify all records BEFORE the patient leaves the practice.

Getting records right the first time benefits everyone, especially the patient. Having to reschedule records can postpone cases for weeks or months.

Preparing For Surgery

Once your case has been planned, it’s time to get ready for surgery day. We’ve created a simplified preparation process:

  • Attend Implant Planning Meeting – After case planning, you’ll receive an email to schedule a planning meeting with one of our expert planners. As you do more GuidedSMILE cases, you can request specific planners.
  • Request National Chairside Support – We offer nationwide chairside technician support, with discount options for multiple consecutive surgeries.
  • Complete Guided Surgery Parts Order Form – Take the information from your planning meeting and generate a list of necessary parts, and email an order form for surgery materials (implants, MUAs, etc.) directly to your implant representative.
  • Purchase Recommended Surgical Tools & Supplies – Our online store has essential surgery tools and materials like burs, torque wrenches, luting materials, and much more.

Proper preparation is key to a smooth surgery day – our process has you covered for a great day of surgery experience.


Day Of Surgery

Surgery day is showtime. Even with all the preparation, there are still ways we can help on the big day:

  • SurgiMat – A 3-piece set to organize surgery details. One piece for the wall details drill positions, implants, tools, etc. The second piece helps arrange parts by implant site. The third captures restorative phase info. Comes with a Torque Reference QR code.
  • Step-by-Step Surgical Protocol Book – Provides the full protocol for conducting a GuidedSMILE surgery.
  • Live Video Support During Surgery – If any issues come up, you can FaceTime an expert who will talk you through the procedure.
  • Patient Surgery Video Series – Watch real patient cases and see the protocol from a peer clinician’s perspective.
  • Successful GuidedSMILE Surgery in Under 2 Hours – Learn from a top KOL the steps to significantly streamline your process.
  • Day of Surgery Tips & Tricks Session – Get insider tips from a tech with over 500 GuidedSMILE cases under their belt.

We’ve got you covered surgery day with resources to make it a success!


After the surgery it is all about the patient healing and taking care of their prothesis. The best instructions for patients can be found in the Patient Acceptance Book that provides the patient information on:

  • How to recoup after surgery
  • The post-op timeline
  • How to manage and clean your new temporary prothesis
  • What foods you can and cannot consume for the first 4-6 months

CHROME GuidedSMILE is much more than a stackable guided system. It is an ecosystem designed to maximize on clinical and patient success.

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