3. Pre-Surgical Decisions

Smile Simulation by PreVu

PreVuThe number one reason patients choose cosmetic dentistry is to make themselves more physically attractive. Therefore, the way to get more patients interested in cosmetic treatments and increasing your case acceptance rate is to show them how their appearance will be enhanced at the outcome of the treatment.

Upload the before images into your ROE online account, and we will create a before and after that you can share with your patient in order to get them motiavated into accepting, scheduling and completing the recommended cosmetic treatment.

Smile Simulation Photo’s – Key Points

  • Smile Simulation by PreVuYou don’t need to use an expensive camera – with the right lighting your cellphone camera would suffice.
  • Don’t take just a photo – take a flattering photo.
  • Only take a full face photo.
  • Don’t use lip retractors.
  • Take the photo from approx. 3-5 feet away. Create a straight line directly from the camera to the patients face. Zoom in to frame the head and focus on the teeth.
  • Both the camera and the patient’s head should be level, with the patient looking directly at the camera.
  • Encourage the patient to show a big, natural smile – not a forced smile trying to show as many teeth as possible.
  • Teeth can be apart or together, but if the patient has a gummy smile its best to take the photo with his/her teeth apart.
  • Snap several photos and then use the one that is free from shadows and is not too dark/bright.

For more detailed instructions read PreVu’s Photo-Taking Guidelines

PreVu – Enhance your practice

Create your own simulation with Prevu’s custom software specifically designed for dental professionals.

The Ultimate CHROME GuidedSMILE Guide

This ebook is your ultimate guide to CHROME GuidedSMILE.

This 90 page ebook:

  • Highlights the benefits of a fully integrated metal surgical guided system.
  • Over 200 images exploring every part of the CHROME GuidedSMILE process.
  • Links to 25+ videos offering over 8 hours of CHROME GuidedSMILE information and Instruction.

Before and After Smile Simulation Pictures

See How PreVu Benefits the Practice


 Increased Communication and Understanding
  • Allows the patients to instantly PreVu their potential smile for better understanding of treatment and increased case acceptance.
  • Create an “emotional want” so patients prioritize discretionary resources toward improving their smile.


 Cost-Effective Pricing
  • Fraction of the cost when compared with outsourcing to an imaging service.
  • Each package includes 3 doctor licenses and a team license. Additional licenses can be purchased as needed for a nominal fee.
  • Discounts for multiple practice locations.
  • Low monthly fee. No contract. Cancel at any time. Discounts for longer subscriptions.


  • Simple, intuitive design that can be utilized quickly by any member of your team.
  • Affordable technology that adds the WOW factor to any appointment, especially enhancing the new-patient experience.
  • Work from any computer in your practice (and even from home).


 Broaden your Circle of Influence
  • Family, friends, and co-workers who see the patient’s simulation will help you by encouraging patients to get treatment.


  • Practice-branded printouts of before and simulated photos for increased word-of-mouth referrals. (Email option included)
  • Inclusion in doctor locator on PreVu patient site,