Ivotion GuidedSMILE

Keep your full arch patient cost in the teens without sacrificing quality

Every year less than 1% of needy patients receive full-arch treatment, and treatment cost is the number 1 barrier. Ivotion GuidedSMILE offers doctors a same-day, long-term fixed hybrid solution that can be priced for patients at half the traditional cost.

National Crisis – Full Arch

  • 40 million adult Americans have no teeth – American Society of Prosthodontists
  • Over 250-300K arches are surgically restored each year (2021 industry data).
  • This represents 0.75% of all needy Americans if you assume that all the surgeries were single arch and all patients edentulous.
  • This is unrealistically high as dentate patients and double arch surgeries are not factored in.
  • The biggest patient barrier to dental treatment is cost. (source 1  |  source 2 source 3  | source 4)

Why is this crisis so difficult to solve?

The predominant reason why other industry attempts to solve this issue have been historically unsuccessful is due to the primary focus placed on providing a ‘cheaper’ solution. This is based on the idea that making the solution ‘cheaper’ will allow the practitioner to pass these savings to patients. Unfortunately, a cheaper solution very frequently results in a lesser quality product that routinely fails both the doctor and the patient.

The real answer is NOT cheaper, it is smarter.

The solution – Ivotion GuidedSMILE

There are two predominant concerns any long-term solution must address and solve:


The prostheses must be strong enough to become a viable long-term fixed hybrid solution for patients. This has to be the predominant focus of any solution. Prosthesis strength can be addressed across multiple dimensions:


The solution must provide a reduction in lab costs that in turn can be passed along to the patient all while maintaining necessary doctor profit margins.  The answer to this societal issue is the innovative integration of TWO PATENTED technologies for one game-changing solution – Ivotion GuidedSMILE. 

Ivoclar’s Ivotion Denture’s strong material strength

The Ivotion Digital Milled Denture has strength at its very core. Traditional and typical digital dentures are printed, milled, and/or manufactured in separate pieces and then ‘glued’ together, but not the Ivotion Denture. The Ivotion Denture is digitally designed and milled from a highly cross-linked monolithic PPMA puck. This unique approach to denture manufacture provides a denture of beautiful esthetics and superior strength.

The way that the Ivotion denture is used in Ivotion Guided Smile makes it even stronger still. ROE, in partnership with Ivoclar, has developed an FP3 version of the Ivotion denture which follows the same manufacturing process but greatly increases the base prosthesis thickness to meet and exceed the need for full arch restoration.

Ivotion Milling Process

ROE’s CHROME GuidedSMILE’s pre-planned passivity

ROE’s CHROME GuidedSMILE is the market-leading, patented, fully guided, metal, stackable surgical system in the country. Over 10,000 arches in the last 5 years have been successfully restored using CHROME GuidedSMILE. Its highly engineered simplicity coordinates implants, bone reduction, and prosthetics, with a very simplified conversion protocol.

CHROME GuidedSMILE is the underlying technology that makes Ivotion Guided Smile work. It provides the highly accurate placement of implants and prostheses that allows for all three elements to successfully integrate into a cohesive, very passive, strong solution. The passivity that CHROME brings is key as it removes any mechanical forces that would twist and apply pressure to the connection between the implants and the prothesis (the Smileloc abutment) and in the prosthesis itself (the Ivotion FP3 denture).

Need additional prosthesis strength? C2F small hole technology is your answer

C2F (patent pending) represents the foundational concept of small hole technology within the CHROME philosophy. The essence of C2F lies in the provision of immediate prosthetics during CHROME surgeries using 2.5mm holes, in contrast to the larger holes commonly employed in the industry. This innovative small hole technology brings about a significant enhancement in the performance of CHROME prosthetics through several key mechanisms.

By adhering to small hole technology, the structural integrity of the manufactured material is excellently preserved. This approach ensures the retention of the meticulously designed occlusion, while also enabling an extra-oral method of equilibration. Moreover, it facilitates the creation of a master cast on the very day of the surgery, resulting in the delivery of exquisitely crafted prosthetics devoid of resin-filled holes and artificially created occlusion.

Learn more about C2F small hole technology.