Ivotion Guided Smileloc

3 Patented Technologies Combined = 1 Industry Changing Solution

How to provide a strong long-term full-arch solution to patients previously priced out of the full-arch market?

  • 40 million adult Americans have no teeth
  • Over 250K arches are surgically restored each year
  • Biggest barrier to dental treatment is cost.
Ivotion Guided Smileloc

Ideal Solution

Create a solution that is:

  • Strong enough for long term success
  • Reduces lab costs
  • Decreases clinical visits, the most expensive cost variable.

Answer = 3 Patented Technologies

Challenge 1. Prostheses Strength

  • Material Strength
  • Passivity
  • No Holes

Challenge 2. Driving Down Patient Cost

1. Financial Savings – doctor/laboratory costs
Overall lab costs could reduce to nearly 50% normal guided surgical costs due to reduced cost of prostheses.

2. Time Savings – restorative efficiencies
Reduced appointments from 6 down to 2.

How to revolutionize your full arch business model with Ivotion Guided Smileloc

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This ebook is your comprehensive introduction to CHROME GuidedSMILE.

Fundamentals of CHROME GuidedSMILEThis 28-page ebook:

  • Highlights the benefits of a fully integrated metal surgical guided system.
  • Details the functionality of each of the 6 component parts and how they work seamlessly together.
  • Explores the contents of a typical CHROME GuidedSMILE case, including the SurgiMat.
  • Provides access to an animation highlighting the engineered benefits of the CHROME GuidedSMILE system.
  • Explores extra-oral prosthetic conversion processes – C2F and Smileloc.
  • Reviews the process on how to get started with your first CHROME GuidedSMILE case.


Smileloc® no-hole prosthetic technology

This 40+ page ebook is your comprehensive guide to Smileloc® no-hole prosthetic technology.

Smileloc Cover

This download contains:

  • Introduction to and benefits of Smileloc
  • How Smileloc and Smilekey Works
  • Scientific Research: Industry Performance, Material Analysis, Sterilization & Hygiene
  • 10 Tips for Guided Surgical Success with Smileloc
  • Step-by-Step Guide on the Smileloc Extra-Oral Conversion Process
  • How To Getting Started with Smileloc
  • Implant Compatibility Guide
  • FAQ