3. Pre-Surgical Decisions

CHROME Replica

When patients cannot afford the full CHROME treatment at this time, there is an option, CHROME Replica.

This service allows the doctor to perform CHROME ‘business as usual’, however during surgery, doctor picks up the RAPID Appliance and holds it until the time of prosthetic final conversion. When that time comes, seat, equilibrate, reline PVS the RAPID Appliance and send it with the opposing and bite.

From this, we will make two Long-Term Provisional screw down prosthetics that the patient can wear during the healing phase. This allows the patient to save up for a definitive prosthesis.

It is very important to pick up the RAPID Appliance during surgery. Any other type of transfer, other than the doctor making a chairside RAPID, will incur more lab fees, such as iJIG and Printed Try-Ins.

This is intended to be affordable for the doctor and patient and is a good alternative for a longer-term treatment rollout.

CHROME Replica


C2F (Conversion to Final) – Small Hole Technology

C2F (patent pending) is the CHROME philosophy of Small Hole Technology. This means delivering immediate prosthetics, during a CHROME surgery, with very small holes, rather than the typical industry-standard large holes. Small Hole Technology dramatically improves the performance of prosthetics and maintains the principal structure of the manufactured material.

C2F (Conversion to Final) - Small Hole Technology


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