4. Day of Surgery


SurgiMAT takes guided surgery to a new level. The SurgiMAT is a patient-specific, wall poster that provides the doctor and team the relevant information to complete a CHROME GuidedSMILE surgery.

The SurgiMAT comes in two parts:

1) SurgiMAT for the wall

Provides the information necessary to guide the team through a CHROME GuidedSMILE surgery without the need to stop and leaf through a multipage surgery report. This 47 ¼”, glossy, full color poster delivers vital information at-a-glance from anywhere in the surgical suite.

The information is read from left to right and leads through the surgery in this direction.

SurgiMAT contains:

  1. Key notes from the live meeting, drill and pin lengths, guided kit to be utilized;
  2. Drill and pin cross-sections;
  3. Panoramic view of implants;
  4. Implant information and tooling, showing visual cross-sections, drill depths and tooling;
  5. Pin length and occlusal view;
  1. Bone reduction labial view;
  2. Osteotomy guide view;
  3. Abutment/screw access view;
  4. Carrier guide / temp cylinder alignment view;
  5. Torque reference QR code
SurgiMat Upper with References

2) SurgiMAT for the Countertop

This part of the SurgiMAT is placed on the countertop in the operatory. It is designed for the team to organize all of the implants, MUA’s and temp cylinders for easy access during surgery. Notice each image includes specific information such as abutment angle, implant size, and implant site. The SurgiMAT is one of the many features that sets CHROME GuidedSMILE apart from the other systems.