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Smileloc® No-Hole Technology

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Changing the HOLE Industry, with Smileloc no-hole prosthetics

The Smileloc® Abutment System is the most innovative solution for full-arch restorations. Exclusively available for guided cases with ROE Dental Lab.

Smileloc is comprised of three components:

  • Titanium coping
  • Smileloc
  • Titanium abutment

The Smileloc is made from nitinol, a medical-grade alloy with unique shape-memory capabilities.

With its shape memory characteristics, Smileloc is a strong, simple, and safe option that eliminates the common complications associated with restorative solutions.

Introduction to Smileloc by BJ Kowlaski

Smileloc Benefits

  • Hole-free, cement-free, and screw-free prosthetics
  • Reduced chair time
  • Easily removed
  • Efficient conversions
  • Improved hygiene and reduced infection
  • Retention & rigidity superior to cement
  • Wide implant compatibility
  • Predictable occlusion
  • Reduced chair time
  • Improved esthetics

Compatible Implant Systems

  • Ace Infinity Internal Hex
  • Adin Touareg
  • BioHorizon Internal Hex (not 3.0)
  • BlueSkyBio Internal Hex
  • Implant Direct Legacy
  • MIS Internal Hex
  • Neodent GM
  • NobelBiocare Active
  • SGS Internal Hex
  • Straumann BLT
  • Zimmer TSV
How Smileloc Works

Smileloc has 8 arms – 4 inner arms that engage an abutment undercut, and 4 outer arms that engage a coping undercut that the restoration is affixed to.

Prostheses are quickly and easily removed through the targeted application of heat onto the Smileloc sleeve with the Smilekey wand. The heat activates the nitinol shape memory returning all 8 arms to a non-engaging, unlocked state.

To return the prostheses, the Smileloc arms are simply ‘reset' to an engaging position or replaced, and the prostheses is clicked into place.
How to reset the Smileloc using the Arm Setter and Pin

Watch Smileloc in Action
Smileloc – CHROME GuidedSMILE Conversion Steps
Smileloc Conversion Process

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This 40+ page ebook is your comprehensive guide to Smileloc® no-hole prosthetic technology.

Smileloc Cover

This download contains:

  • Introduction to and benefits of Smileloc
  • How Smileloc and Smilekey Works
  • Scientific Research: Industry Performance, Material Analysis, Sterilization & Hygiene
  • 10 Tips for Guided Surgical Success with Smileloc
  • Step-by-Step Guide on the Smileloc Extra-Oral Conversion Process
  • How To Getting Started with Smileloc
  • Implant Compatibility Guide
  • FAQ



Dr. Young Seo (CEO of RODO) talks Smileloc

ROE Reviews: Interview of Dr Seo
Dr. Young Seo presents Smileloc

Changing the HOLE Industry with Smileloc webinar

Presented by Dr Grant Olson, Innovative Dental

Smileloc Images

How is a Smileloc dental prosthesis removed?
Smileloc prostheses can easily be removed from the mouth with Smilekey. Smilekey is an induction device that emits targeted energy and activates the Smileloc's unlocked position. This unlocked position enables easy removal of the dental prosthesis.

How long does it take to “unlock” Smileloc with Smilekey?
Smilekey is preset to 8-seconds per site. With this in mind, most full arch all-on-x prostheses can be fully removed in less than a minute.

How long do I have to remove an arch before the Smileloc’s arms re-engage?
Once the Smileloc is in the unlocked position, it will remain in that configuration. Only if the arms are manually reset would it return to a locked configuration. How to reset the Smileloc using the Arm Setter and Pin

This animation shows how Smileloc transitions from its locked state (arms extended out) to an unlocked state (arms retracted in) with the application of the Smilekey device. The Smileloc abutment can be reset for locking by using the Regular Arm Setter.

Smileloc Instructions

How to Convert A Screw-Retained Prosthetic into a Smileloc Prosthetic in the Lab

Step-by-Step Conversion

Smileloc Implant Compatibility

Smileloc Tips for Success



Smileloc Prosthesis Seating with Dr. Favia

Scientific Research

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Patient Images


The L S Browne Centre, 17 Tully Road
Killadeas, County Fermanagh BT94 1RL Ireland
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Ivotion, CHROME and Smileloc Seminar

 Presenter: Dr Grant Olson & BJ Kowalski

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The L S Browne Centre, 17 Tully Road
Killadeas, County Fermanagh BT94 1RL Ireland
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The L S Browne Centre, 17 Tully Road
Killadeas, County Fermanagh BT94 1RL Ireland
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Smileloc® Components

Click the names or images below to be able to purchase Smileloc components.

Includes the following:

  • Smilekey Locking and Unlocking Device
  • Abutment Socket Driver
  • Short Abutment Socket Driver
  • Medium Regular Smileloc Seater
  • Multi-Unit Seal Seater
  • Regular Smileloc Arm Setter

Induction Removal Instrument

Smileloc - Locked
RODO Multi-Unit Straight Abutment
RODO Multi-Unit Angled Abutment 517
RODO Multi-Unit Angled Abutment 530
RODO Multi-Unit Tall Ti Coping

For Conversion Prosthesis / Duplicate Pick-Up or Try-In.

RODO Multi-Unit Healing Cap
RODO Multi-Unit Abutment Analog
RODO Multi-Unit Impression Coping
RODO 2mm (Prosthetic) Screw

Prosthetic Screw.

Abutment Socket Driver – Short

Used for Straight Multi-Unit Abutments.

Nobel Driver Adapter (RODO-TORQ-ADAP-NOBEL)
Abutment Socket Driver – Medium

Used for Straight Multi-Unit Abutments. REQUIRED to complete case.

Nobel Driver Adapter

Adapter for Nobel torque wrench – Connection to drivers. Required if clinician uses a Nobel hand torque driver / Neodent hand torque drivers.

Straumann Driver Adapter (RODO-TORQ-ADAP-ITI)
Straumann Driver Adapter

Adapter for Straumann torque wrench – connection to drivers. Required if clinician uses a Straumann hand torque driver.

Torx T6 Driver – Long

Used for multi-unit abutments and multi-unit auxiliary components. REQUIRED to complete case.

Torx T6 Driver – Short

Used for multi-unit abutments and multi-unit auxiliary components.

Multi-Unit Seal Seater

Instrument to facilitate seating of abutment seal.

Regular Arm Setter (RODO-50.501)
Regular Smileloc Seater

Facilitates in seating Smileloc onto abutment.

Regular Arm Setter

Instrument to reset arms of Smileloc.

Smileloc FAQs

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Smileloc Product Certification

Health Canada
U.S. Patent
ISO Certification