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The No-Scan Appliance Method - 3 Simple Steps - to get started Click Here

If you are planning a case that involves 1-5 implants, and the patient presents with little-to-no little metal-based restorations, simply capture a CT scan, keeping the arches separated by cotton rolls, master impressions, and a bite registration when needed. Send a study model if you deem appropriate. Upload the DICOM to us by clicking on the button to the right and forward your impressions or models to us with our CT Order Form. We will preplan your case according to the instructions on the CT Order Form, call you for an online meeting and send you your guide.

It's really that simple.

If you patient presents with metal-based restorations, then scatter may prevent planning. You have an option. You can order Memosil II from us. This is a clear bite registration material that supresses scatter. Coat the restorations with a few layers and leave the bite in the mouth during the scan, and upload.

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Scan Appliance Technique - As Little As 3 Steps

When you are planning more than 5 implants, or the patient is edentulous, or you are changing the plane of occlusion, a scan appliance is needed. To order, please send master casts and study models and a bite. We will construct a clear radiographic guide (scan appliance) for the CBCT scan.

The scan appliance technique requires a dual scan technique, meaning the scan appliance is scanned in the patient's mouth, while the patient is bitting on cotton rolls, and then it is scanned by itself, resting on a piece of foam. These two scans are uploaded to us and we will preplan your case, call you for an on line meeting, finalize the plan and send you your guide.

If the paitent is edentulous and has a denture that fits well and is acceptable to you and the patient, it may be used as a scan appliance. If there is a soft liner, replace it with a hard reline and follow the instructions in this CT Scan Protocol guide, page 10.

Important note: the scan appliance must fit, and without rocking. How the scan appliance fits will determine the accuracy of the guide.

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