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With our service there is no need to buy software

iDent Benefits

Affordableident guide spoon
Complete a 3 implant case for $455 (includes scan appliance, planning, & surgial templates). Utilizing DICOM data directly captured from a CT scan (no conversion necessary) implants are digitally planned with ideal location & depth.

iDent is a predictable, low cost service for creating surgical guides. ROE clients do not need to purchase software. We use on-line consultations to plan cases. Extensive training is not necessary! Learn while on line with us.

Guides Made IN USA
iDent it is the only system that allows our in-laboratory stereo lithography production to fabricate surgical templates! All other systems require out-of-country exporting of data and materials.

ROE is a licensed iDent Surgical laboratory.

Surgical Template: Stereo Lithography

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