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GO 100% DIGITAL !!

Use Digital Impressions & DICOM to Fabricate SureGuides - Model Free !!

Today, with your digital impression equipment, you can scan your partially dentate patient, capture a CT Scan, and upload both files to ROE for your surgical guides. With this information, we will preplan your implants, arrange an online meeting with you to finalize implant position, and fabricate your guide. We can even engineer and analog model to fabricate a provisional restoration!

To learn how to send your digital impression files click here. We work with all systems!

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Here are the important items. If your patient presents with many metal-based restorations, this process may not be possible due to the amount of scatter. In these cases you can still use digital impressions, however, we will fabricate a scan appliance and return for a dual scan. In either case, always capture full arch impressions with bites. When sending digital impression always make note that the case is intended for CT Planning to ensure it finds the correct department and partner DICOM. Lastly, be sure your patient bites on cotton rolls during the CT Scan.

To upload your DICOM click the blue button on the right. To Upload your digital impressions please follow the instructions on this page click here.

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