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GuidedSMILE Steps to completing a case:


  1. Create an account:
  2. Once registered, write the case up using the on-line Rx choosing the product: GuidedSMILE. Upload all “documents” - DICOM (set of .dcm files zipped), photos,  intra oral scans/stl’s). If conventional impressions or models are to be submitted, click here for a UPS label.
    1. Consolidate all records for one upload, rather than multiple uploads, email, DropBox, or multiple accounts.
  3. We accept digital impressions from all systems (upload .stl files if available, or use your system's portal - make note that "this case is for CT Planning")
  4. ROE will assemble the records and preplan the case for the on-line meeting. This is a 5-6 day process once ALL records are received and approved. Records are precise and must be complete to begin this process.
  5. Iinform our team via the Rx if multiple parties must be on line - may delay the case.
  6. Placing doctor must complete the MSGA Master Surgical Guide Agreement
  7. ROE will contact the placing doctor for the on-line meeting. Doctor will visit our web site to connect and call the assigned ROE Planning Session Tech Rep.

Specific Timeline:

Day 1 – 5 – Preplanning – we are past the record collection and verification phase
ROE digitally organizes the records, preplans the case, and calls the doctor to schedule the on-line meeting

On Line Meeting Day – after day 5 of preplanning ROE and doctor(s) meet on line to adjust, approve GuidedSMILE work-up 10 Laboratory Days for Fabrication – fabricate days are m-f only