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What is Isotropic Technology

High shine is usually accomplished by hand polishing with pumice, a dental standard that has become outdated at ROE. A technology called isotropic finishing, borrowed from precision machining and medical device manufacturing industry, is our new standisotropic finishingard.

Isotropic (Greek iso (equal) and tropos (direction)) finishing, in dental, is the use of special plastic and ceramic media to massage or treat the surface of appliances. In a two step process, your appliances are placed into industrial tumblers where these particles repeatedly with equal force smooth all surface imperfections, without altering the shape of the appliance.

When you compare a hand-polished appliance to an isotropic-finished appliance you will see an astonishing difference. You’ll ask, ‘where has this technology been’?

Doctors benefits

A highly-polished appliance will be much more comfortable and hygienic for the patient and the appearance will be significantly improved. ROE’s dental appliances will be the only ones you receive with a ‘high-shine’ on the antaglio surface!

What is the price?

Isostic appliances do not increase the fee. We do ask for one additional day in the laboratory to complete this final task. Please call for time requirements if necessary.