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Complete Denture Options from ROE Exceptional - Conventional and Digital

Today you can order ROE's DigiDenture, a digial set-up based on conventional records. Digital set-ups provide very accurate occlusion. You will notice from your first case. Simply send your bite blocks marked with all the normal information (high smile line, midline etc). We will return either a fully printed try-in, or a wax-ed up try-in, both based upon the digital set-up.


If you prefer conventional 100%, order our ESP denture. Fabricating full dentures for the edentulous patient can be a challenging task. In fact, the lack of predictable success has caused many dentists to be reluctant to even accept denture patients. With the assistance of our friends at Ivoclar, we have perfected a system for the successful fabrication of full dentures, the ESP (Esthetic Simplified Predictable) Denture Technique. Our process will dramatically improve the results of full dentures with virtually no new chairside procedures. Our customers receive processed Ivocap final bases at the bite registration appointment allowing verification of the final fit and comfort of the denture early in the process. Patients love this technique because they are able to try-in the fit of the denture 2 to 3 times prior to the final seating appointment.

More benefits include: the Horizontal Average Plane Guide is used to accurately mount the casts; mechanical verification of balanced occlusion with the Stratos 200 articulation system tissue models (duplicate master casts) ensure the accuracy of the denture borders; Ivocap premium injection denture processing eliminates errors and porosity; custom staining and gingival blanching is available upon request; Lingualized Occlusion is our standard.

Since the 80's ROE has been an Ivoclar Partner. Our customers receive the benefits of porosity-free denivobasetures that fit. The image to the right shows the difference betwen Ivocap (Ivobase) and other systems. Ivocap compensates for shrinkage by continuously packing acrylic in the flask as the acyric cools. This leads to 20% more acrylic fill and great fits, right from the start with our processed bases.

ADA Codes

D5110 Complete upper
D5120 Complete lower
D5130 Immediate upper
D5860 Overdenture complete
D5281 Removable unilateral

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Staub Cranial - The 3 Appointment Denture

Karl Heinz Staub developed a scientific method of completing full dentures by merely using maxillary and mandibular models. Utilizing math and science, Staub software converts anatomical landmark measurements into tooth location and plane of occlusion without a traditional bite registration. Send ROE Upper and Lower models that include all landmarks, especially tuberosity and hammular notch areas.

Your second appointment will be a tooth try-in and bite confirmation. Staub denture teeth are set in an ortho-cranial position with minimal technician or clinician subjectivity. All cases are set with Lingualized Occlusion. Make dentures profitable and exciting with Staub, and instill the confidence of your patient by allowing them to them to try-in their upper teeth at the second appointment.

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