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All-On-4 (5, 6 or more) Service - Work with a laboratory that has restored thousands of cases!

When you need support planning and restoring All-On-4 cases, trust ROE. We work with specialists and their referring dentists with preplanning, provisional and final restorations throughout the country, as well as chairside assistance the day of surgery (in Central and Northern Ohio). TODAY we offer our iJIG for digital prosthetic conversion (click iJIG Link to the right), and the RAPID appliance (ROE Advanced Prosthetic Implant Device), a chairside, day-of-surgery appliance that you can offer as a competitive advantage over the traditional All-On-4 techniques. RAPID transfers the conversion denture information to the articulator for future prosthetic fabrication.

This means fewer restorative appointments, less variables, and less chairtime for your referrals. This appliance will allow the restoring dentist to provide rapid steps toward the final restoration! Our comprehensive service can include the provisional denture, the definitive hybrid prosthesis, custom trays, models, special soft-tissue model, articulation, standard and processed bite rim, fit verification jig, set-ups, resets, acrylic finish, one full set of premium teeth, one set of economy teeth, protective night guard, iRis titanium CAD/CAM components, final screws for the bar, analogs. Please contact us for an estimate of fee. Call us to scheduled chairside assistance. Chairside fees are found in the document to the right (ROE Dental Lab Clinical Visit Fee). We arrive with all the tools and materials necessary to complete the prosthesis conversion. We are available for extended travel. We ask that expenses are reimbursed and include the local fee.

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