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TLZ-IB is ROE's alternative to the conventional Hybrid.

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Today most of our fixed, full-arch, implant supported prosthetics are designed using monolithic materials. TLZ-IB is a full-contour zirconia, screw-retained prosthetic that has revolutionized full-arch rehabilitation. Let us wow your patient with beautiful materials that last.

The Benefits to TLZ-IB :

NanoTi / NanoTrinia – Nano Ceramics supported by Ti Bar / Trinia Bar

 Bridge TLZ-IB

 Bridge TLZ-IB

An alternatives to full zirconia and traditional materials are Nano-Ceramics, beautifully crafted monolithic, high performance materials that are crafted to look like natural teeth with esthetically layered gingiva. These materials offer longevity yet deliver a ‘soft landing’ when contacting the opposing teeth. These glass infiltrated PMMA materials are becoming very popular for full arch rehabilitation. With so much full arch restoration today, it is advantageous to have options.

All cases begin with a try-in, preferably utilizing ROE’s digital workflow. Traditional methods of tooth arrangement and verification are accepted and can be integrated. Contact ROE for the best methods.