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Infinite Temporaries - The options are nearly unlimited

ROE will wow you with the provisional possiblities. Of course you can prescribe an essex retainer. You can also design a single unit or full arch immediate screw retained implant provisional. And today you can often order this based upon the surgical guide that we provide.

When you are planning your implant positions, which are based upon a digital or physical work-up, ROE has the ability to fabricated immediate provisionals. This means that your patient can leave the chair with a fixed or removable appliance.

During the planning phase, just let our technicians know your intentions and we will take the specials steps needed, and order the parts if necessary.

Below are some of the many options. 

fourEssex Retainer

This appliance consists of a denture tooth captured in a very thin suck-down resin, full-coverage splint.


oneAcrylic Flipper

All acrylic partial, or flipper, is an esthetic, low cost traditional alternative that is familiar to work with ($125 - 1 tooth).



Valplast is a strong, nylon thermoplastic partial denture. This material is the strongest of all the options and is virtually unbreakable.



ClearFrame is an esthetic, durable, repairable and relineable copolymer thermoplastic frame, with acrylic-retained teeth.


threeSnap-On Smile

This durable, tooth-colored option works very well as an alternative to the flipper design. This removable appliance is available in many designs, with or without occlusal coverage, in 16 Vita shades. The turnaround time ranges from two to three weeks based on design and size.


twoImmediate Load $110 (+ implant components)

Immediate provisionals are available for guided-surgery cases. ROE reverse-engineers a model and creates either a custom, screw-retained abutment and a crown, a stock abutment with a shell for relining into place.




CAD designed and milled provisional. Requires overjet for materials.




ROE provides comprehensive support for immediate load All-On-4, from treatment discussion through final restoration. The above fee describes the immediate denture. In Ohio, ROE offers chairside support for the denture conversion - flat fee $800, plus travel.