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Fixed / Implants / Surgical Guides / Removable

Since 2004 ROE has accepted digital impressions. Currently we accept any Cerec scan, 3Shape Trios, Cadent iTero, Schein E4D, Schein PlanScan/Nevo, Carestream CS3500, and 3M Lava TDS. Please read the details below regarding each system.

Available products: Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Splints, some Lower Partials, Splints and NOW Surgical Guides (combine impressions with DICOM) and more!

Below are the available systems:

TRIOS Scanner - 3Shape - ROE is an Authorized TRIOS READY Laboratory

To connect with ROE enter:

Fabricate: Fixed, immediate dentures, splints, implant restorations, GuidedSMILE, SureGuides, and some partials and flipper.

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3M TRUE DEFINITION SCANNER - 3M - Great low price

Unique "3D-in-Motion" technology captures real-time video. The Lava C.O.S. uses breakthrough technology that allows for quick, real-time 3D video capture of the tooth anatomy. This significant technological advancement will deliver precise-fitting restorations while taking quality oral care to a higher level for your patients.

Designed to work with both conventional and CAD/CAM processes.

The Lava C.O.S. will support conventional processes like PFM, as well as digital all-ceramic restorations including Lava™ Crowns and Bridges. Before the patient even leaves the chair, the dentist or assistant can quickly and easily fill out the digital prescription using the touch screen monitor. The digital impressions and prescription are then forwarded to ROE. 

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CADENT - ITERO - Incredible Accuracy, Excellent SLA Models

Since 2004 weve made thousands of cases with this amazing technology. Cadent sends ROE the digital for so we can import into our lab for digital processing. This allows for C&B, Removables, and Implant restorations. The process is fairly quick and very predictable. iTero models are excellent representations of the mouth which means accurate restorations for you.

Because we are a digital laboratory, we fabricate most of the restorations digitally before the models arrive. We offer model-free crowns, lower partial frameworks and implant abutments from scan-body scans. Call us any time on this technology.

 iTero users can contact Align Technology directly to add ROE Dental Laboratory to your list of "Favorite Labs."

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CEREC (OmniCam, BlueCam, RedCam) - ROE is an experienced 'Connect Laboratory'

If you are a Cerec owner we want work with you.

Upload your impressions via A model is fabricated, when needed, and sent to ROE. At this point you may order the material of your choice! We can also provide .stl conversion for $20, surgical guides from you .DXDSSI files, and a full range of restorative optoins.

ROE is a certified Cerec Partner Laboratory

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PlanScan/Nevo/E4D - Export Your Files to ROE / DDX LAB !

Upload your files through DDX. Simply log into your DDX account and select ROE as your DDX partner laboratory. With DDX you can order all the restorations that are not available with chairside milling.

We fabricate a model so you can order any type of restoration.

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CS3600 - CareStream - powder-free, small footprint

Edward Shellard, DMD Chief Marketing Officer, Carestream, " the CS 3500’s combination of innovative features that gives us an industry-leading product. To start, the scanner requires no powder or trolley, making it easily portable between operatories. The tips—available in two sizes—are autoclavable, and the scanner features a built-in heater to prevent fogging.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the CS 3500 scanner is its light projection system. Now, doctors can focus on their patients’ mouths rather than looking at the monitor to ensure the image was properly captured. And, because the scanner is lightweight and ergonomic, it can easily be used by anyone, whether they’re right- or left-handed.

Our other features include the ability to capture 3D images in true color and an intuitive software interface. In addition, we’ve included two image capture buttons to make the scanner simpler to use. When combined, all of these features make for a powerful intraoral scanner."

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