Presenting NobelProcera: Full Arch Zirconia

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This video will discuss ROE Dental Laboratories, Nobel Procera Full Arch Bridge. This is a full arch zirconia, milled 100% zirconia, and then beautified with MiYo translucent ceramics. The unique thing about this particular bridge is that the lack of need for copings, and there is a demand for this in the marketplace because copings, they have a couple of issues. One is they can become de-bonded. The other is there is a cement area there that can collect plaque and other types of things under the intaglio surface. So these go directly to the directly multi-unit abutments. And you can see they’re highly polished underside. They are only compatible with Nobel multi-unit abutment compatible systems. So in other words, they have to be Nobel compatible and they have to also accept the Nobel screws. However, that’s really the only limitation. The records are very traditional multi-unit a level, master casts and must use Nobel screws.

This product is really incredible. We’ve been very, very impressed with it. It’s strong. In fact, Procera Zirconia is about 1,280 MPa, which is as strong as anything in the industry. Very aesthetic. ROE Dental laboratory designs these restorations, and we also do all of the aesthetic work on them, but they are milled by Procera in their New Jersey facility. So here’s a single arch, and you can just see the craftsmanship on this is really second to none. The beauty, the anatomy here, I’ll zoom in on the teeth and you can really see this as just really nice work, but monolithic. Now, some of these cases we’re making today, we’re making them without models, without copings, completely model free and no articulation. And if you scroll down on this website, you’ll see how you have to have the iCAM iMetric system in order to take those digital impressions or special impressions. But you can order these model free or traditional methods.


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