Perfect the Prototype for Perfect Full Arch

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Hey, it’s Chris with ROE Dental Laboratory, and I’m gonna today discuss the topic of the printed tryin and the transition, everyone’s favorite transition, going from the immediate load full-arch prosthetic into a final. One of the most important steps of that is the printed tryin and checking for passivity on the printed tryin. And the main question we want to talk about that I get is if I have to section my printed tryin, what material do I use to lute it together? Why do we section a printed tryin? Well once, once the, it’s inserted in the patient’s mouth if there’s any kind of rock to it, you wanna do the one screw test, which that’s on another video that we can kind of discuss later. But if it does rock, then we want to section it at that site and then we’re going to relute it together.

What materials do we recommend? Uh, we wanna make sure that it has a very low chance of shrinkage. So there’s three or four that we always recommend, Theres Stellar, VOCO, Duralay which a lot of people use or GC pattern resin. So anything that has low shrinkage and make sure you, you use enough to lute it together so it doesn’t come apart during shipping. Because one thing we can’t do is we have sec, a section printed tryin and we receive it and it’s already broken. We cannot put that together. It will not be passive. You’ll be doing another printed tryin in the future. So again, sectioning the printed, tryin the one screw test is very important. Check for passivity. You can also please take an x-ray. That’s another way to check it and make sure that this thing is seated and passive.

And when seating it, just a reminder, thumb tighten. You don’t want to crank this thing down because if you section it, crank it down, it could come apart here where it was, where it was luted together. What we’re doing to avoid, trying to avoid in this whole process of the printed shrine is a broken prosthetic because where these things break right at the implant site because of non passivity. So something was cranked down as opposed to being passive. So again, just wanna avoid that. Thank you very much, uh, for checking this out and for any other questions, visit us at our website below.


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