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Peer-to-Peer Review from ROE Dental Laboratory: Ivotion Denture System

Ivoclar Vivadent | November 17, 2020

ROE Dental Laboratory’s goal is to push the limits of digital technology. The digital frontier reached full dentures a several years ago, and ROE Dental Laboratory embraced it whole heartedly.

The milled denture option has been generally considered the premium method of denture product, especially the base portion. However, there have been obstacles to this modality becoming mainstream, primarily due to only one vendor from which to outsource. This option was expensive, left little control to the laboratory technician, and mostly required gothic arch tracing. When the milled option did become available with the laboratory, there were still cost and time barriers. Today, however, there is Ivotion, a lab-fabricated digital denture from Ivoclar that provides high-strength, excellent esthetics, digital design, reasonable price, and hands-over full control to the lab. This option, unlike all previous, is a singular nest-mill production process using dual-colored, Ivocap industrial-processed pucks, which contain both pink base and tooth material all-in-one. This incredible invention is milled as a single structure, which offers solutions to barriers. Ivotion offers the combination wear resistant, fracture toughness, high esthetics, efficiencies, and the best part, teeth that do not pop out.

Ivotion Denture System