What do doctors say about the miniComfort?

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Hello, my name is Dr. Mark Worford. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve been practicing since 1981, and I am a believer in the miniComfort. You can wear a miniComfort during the day. You can wear it at night because it’s a lower appliance and it really only has two contacts, one on each side in the canine area. It actually de-programs your muscles and it reminds you to kind of stop clenching. So it’s a much more comfortable appliance and whoever you’re talking to doesn’t really realize that the appliance is even in. And since I’ve been using them its the only TMJ Bruxism appliance that I really use. A Lot of my patients who’ve had a traditional appliance have stopped using it. And once they get a miniComfort, they just love it. They say it’s a lot more comfortable. They like the fact that at night it doesn’t end up on their pillow because their tongue is pushing it out and they find that their musculature is more of a relaxed in the morning and they’re having fewer grinding problems. So it works.


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