What patient records do you need for miniComfort?

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miniComfort records. The records from miniComfort are very traditional with a slight variation on the lower. Because the lower appliance is retained by saliva suction, the impression must capture the labial and lingual vestibules down to the root eminences. This is very important. The maxillary cast can be a traditional crown and bridge impression or a cast sent to the lab. We do not articulate these cases, therefore the cast may be returned untrimmed. As you can see here, the laboratory record is a printed model duplicate. We fabricate a printed model for all cases to keep the appliances clear as glass during the processing. If a patient presents with class one, class two, or another challenging bite, please send a bite registration. And yes, digital impressions are always welcome. We do have a small fee for the models, but digital is always welcome with ROE Dental Laboratory, miniComfort records.


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