What is Ivotion GuidedSMILE?

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Hey, it’s Chris with ROE Dental Laboratory, and today we’re talking full arch. Now, there are thousands of patients out there that need the full arch protocol, but can’t afford it. They can’t afford that 25 to $30,000 price range for a nice, beautiful zirconia final. Now, that’s everyone’s goal. That’s our goal. We want to get the patient into the most aesthetic, the strongest product out there, but maybe they don’t have the money for it right away. So we’ve come up with an option to offer your patients called Ivotion GuidedSMILE. What is this all about now? It’s, it’s based off of our CHROME GuidedSMILE product, which you see back here. It’s a patented process that delivers your bone reduction, your implants, multi-units, all digitally planned out for you on a stackable guided option. And then you’re delivering day of surgery, a nice milled prosthesis out of the Ivotion puck.

And you’ll notice it’s the pink and the white all in the same puck. So this is a very strong prosthesis you’re giving the patient the day of surgery for them to heal in. Again, they’re saving money. So this, because it’s such a strong product, they can go six months, eight months, a year even or longer depending on how long they need to save up. And then once they’re ready to transition into their final, you send us some very basic records using the Rapid Appliance Protocol from our patented Chrome product. And we’re gonna deliver, again, another Ivotion milled. But it’s going to be your final, it’s going to have nice tissue adaptation, beautiful prosthesis that they can wear for years down the road, full function, eat whatever they want, very strong, and then they can save up for their final zirconia. Or if you want to replace it, you know it’s a very affordable product just to replace. Maybe they worn it down and they, they still can’t afford that zirconia. We can get him into another milled prosthesis with, again, very basic records you send to us. For any questions, give us a call here at the lab. You can also leave comments in the section below, and we’ll get back to you. And also, please subscribe to our socials to learn about awesome products, like Ivotion GuidedSMILE or anything out there in the dental world. Thank you.


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