iJIG Plus Records for Fabrication

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Today we’re going to scan for an iJig. We’re going to scan this prosthetic and send it to the lab to fabricate an iJig. These are, it’s going to be an iJig plus, right? So we have the shiny analogs for making the stone model and then we have the roughened up ones for making the scan. So we’ll go through the whole process here. First step is to make a stone model. Okay, we’ve added stone to just a regular denture cup. And then we’ll take the prosthetic and we’ll set it in there right up to the tops of the analogs approximately. So just let it set.

All right, maybe we’ll make that a little bit lower, okay? It’s not too low cause you don’t want the prosthetic making an indent getting stuck in the stone. And then we’ll let that set. And you’ll see there’s a little bit too much of an analog exposed here. So I’m just going to push some of that stone up around the analog. I just did it with a driver. Just push some stone and there we go. Much better. All right, here is the model. All right, so we’ll use this to cement the copings into the iJig and therefore it’s not really an iJig anymore. It’s an iJig plus or a printed try-in. And then as a backup I made a flask over the top. All right, so now we’ve scanned the lower right and the next we’re going to scan the upper in the mouth after, since we already made the model.

All right, so now we are seating the prosthetic. The upper prosthetic got the lower, got the upper, the iJig scan got some voids in this iJig scan, but I think those are going to come out later better because we scan these areas multiple times and the next thing to do will be to scan the bite registration. Okay, prosthetic is seated. And then could you open up please? All right, so the arch, lower arch. Now we’re going to scan the bite. Now you want to watch the screen and we’re just going to scan the bite. Just keep going. It’ll bring the upper and lower together as soon as it’s recognized. Now I can go to the other side just like that. Yeah, you can keep bringing around less, longer bites, but that, that’ll work. You got the bite? Good. That’s enough. Yeah, that’s it.


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