How to Read Your CLEARaline Smile Summary Report

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Thank you for your CLEARaline order. My name is BJ Kowalski. I wanted to quickly review the SMILE summary report. When you get your CLEARaline cases, the summary report will be on top of the box and I’ll indicate what you need to do for placing the aligners. Typically, the aligners are worn for two weeks by a patient. However, if they tend to be tight and uncomfortable, the patient can wear an aligner for three weeks. Also, with elderly patients, it’s common to have the aligners wear for three weeks instead of two weeks. If interproximal re reduction is required or attachments, it’ll be indicated on the SMILE summary report. Attachments are indicated with blue dots and interproximal reduction positions are indicated with red lines. The amount of reduction is also indicated on the SMILE summary report. If for some reason that either the interproximal reduction or the attachments should not be placed at the first appointment prior to seating the first tray, it’ll be indicated in the SMILE summary report and it’ll tell you when to do those procedures.

The first page also reviews the initial position and the final design, and of course, all of this is available in a interactive PDF that was emailed to you as part of the process. Finally, the last page of the SMILE summary report provides real descriptive details on the exact extent of movement in case you want to make changes along the line. Of course, any adjustments, the first adjustment to the plan is always free of charge, so if we need to make some changes along the way to refine the position, there is no problem to redesign the case halfway through. That’s a SMILE summary report. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at ROE Dental Laboratory and we’ll be happy to help you with clarifying anything about the clear line product. There’s also a lot of great information on our website.


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