How Does Grammetry Stack Up Against Photogrammetry?

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Hey it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and I know we’ve been talking a little bit about Grammetry and how it works. Grammetry is a great new service from ROE using an awesome technology for a direct to multi-unit abutment connection between your immediate load prosthesis and final restoration using only your intraoral scanner. It’s a great service, but today I want to talk about the differences between the Grammetry solution, utilizing the OptiSplint, and the dental photogrammetry solution. We’ve broken it down into six different areas of consideration.

First and foremost, the most important consideration is implant position and accuracy. You want to make sure that the connection to the multi-unit abutment is nice and passive. Dental photogrammetry gives you a very high level of precision, but with Grammetry it’s the same thing. It’s a direct-to-multi-unit abutment connection with the OptiSplint scan bodies, and you’re going to use just your intraoral scanner instead of a bulky camera. Now, we have five or six scanners out there that are approved. If you have a scanner that’s not on our list, then let’s have a conversation and let us know what intraoral scanner you have prior to trying our Grammetry solution. Now, as far as application, with dental photogrammetry you have your photogrammetry scanner, and the only use of that is to capture the positioning of the multi-unit abutments. That’s it, that’s all that it can do. It can’t scan the mouth, it can’t take any pictures… it’s very limited in it’s application.

With Grammetry, there’s multiple uses for this solution: number one is, of course, you’re going to get that multi-unit positioning perfectly aligned with your intraoral scanner only. No expensive equipment to purchase for this. Another nice thing about Grammetry is that you will also have the means to send your lab a verified analog model. Whether you pour up that model in stone or, again, if you don’t want to do any lab work, you can just send us the OptiSplint after it’s been luted and scanned during surgery as part of the overall application. If you choose to send us the OptiSplint, we can make a verified model from that as it has a verification jig built into it.

This allows us to verify the passivity of your final zirconia. Next consideration is a learning curve. With dental photogrammetry, you have your expensive equipment and there’s a learning curve with that; there’s training for you, or maybe you have to go through teaching different staff members how to use the scanner. With Grammetry, it’s just scan bodies. We’ve all used scan bodies before if we’re in the digital world. We all use them, we know how to use them: screw them right into the multi-unit abutment and scan away. Very simple with a small learning curve. So next, we want to talk a little bit about the upkeep. With your dental photogrammetry scanner, there is a continuous upkeep. With any kind of advanced technology, of course there’s upkeep. With Grammetry,

it’s very simple. It’s single-use scan bodies, so there’s no upkeep with that. You just want to make sure that you have enough scan bodies for that patient for the day of surgery. During surgery, screw them in, lute them together with the included metal mesh, remove it from the mouth, scan it, and you’re done. Send that to us and we’re going to make a model and get you on your way to a nice final restoration. And if you have multiple offices, do you want to buy photogrammetry scanners for each location? The answer is no. Who wants to spend that much money? With Grammetry and the OptiSplint, it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This is it, you can take this anywhere you need.

Go from operatory to operatory or office to office. It’s incredibly easy. And even better, the availability of Grammetry. That’s a big one. With photogrammetry scanners, they’ve been very hard to get. They have been on backorder for a long time. Now, I’m sure someday they’ll be more readily available and very easy to get, but right now to work with Grammetry, you’re waiting a long while. With Grammetry and the OptiSplint, they’re available right now!

We can get these out to your office as soon as possible. Once you place your order, we will get them to you and you can start doing Grammetry right away. And finally, of course, there’s the cost. Everyone knows the dental photogrammetry scanners are pretty darn expensive. Sure it’s a great solution, but it’s an expensive solution. Meanwhile, Grammetry comes in at 1% of the total cost. It’s a very low-cost, low-maintenance product and, again, available right now. So please, reach out and get in contact with us; let’s talk a little bit more about Grammetry and the solution we have for you all. If there are any questions, please leave them down in the comments section and we’ll get right get back to you. Also, be sure to check us out on our website where we have a full section on Grammetry and all the ins and outs of this process. And finally, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos just like this. Thank you!


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