How does Grammetry Benefit Owners of Multiple Dental Practices?

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Hey, it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and today I want to talk about Grammetry. It’s the hottest topic and a great, brand-new solution we have to offer using some awesome technology out there. This solution is going to provide a direct to multi-unit abutment full arch prosthesis immediate-load that you can print in-office if you have the means. Otherwise we can help you out with a nice direct to multi-unit abutment printed try-in and also with your final zirconia as well. A bunch of new benefits with this but what I want to really focus on is the mobility of this. So if you’re a doctor with multiple practices, obviously there is an expense to take on photogrammetry, and it’s a pretty big expense if you have multiple offices. You’re either buying multiple cameras, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, or you’re trying to lug this thing around from office to office which can be a huge pain in the butt. With our Grammetry solution, called OptiSplint, you don’t need to do that anymore.

Obviously, this is very mobile, it’s very inexpensive at one percent of the cost of your photogrammetry solution, so a huge benefit there. You can have multiple offices, or if you have multiple operatories doing surgeries at the same time, all you need is an intraoral scanner and OptiSplint and we have you covered for your Grammetry solution. Another big benefit is the fact that there is little to no learning curve with the Grammetry solution. These little pieces are special scan bodies, but they’re still scan bodies; we’ve all used them in the implant world. These go direct to multiunit abutment, and you screw them in. There’s a little metal mesh that connects all the scan bodies together, and that’s how we make a nice, passive prosthesis after you scan it. If you’re already using an intraoral scanner, then there’s nothing new to learn. With Grammetry, you don’t have to teach anyone anything so it’s nice, especially with multiple offices. You don’t have to get the whole team together to have a big long training, whereas with an expensive new camera that comes in for Photogrammetry, you’ve got to be trained on it, it has to be calibrated, and you have to make sure it’s all plugged in correctly.

So there’s a big learning curve with that, especially on the training side. So again, the OptiSplint scan bodies: connect them together, and perform an intraoral scan. It’s very simple with little to no learning curve at all. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below and we’ll get right back to you. Also, check out our website where we have a whole section on Grammetry to answer all your questions and you can order directly from there as well. And finally, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more info on Grammetry and everything else in the dental world. Thank you!


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