Grammetry Workflow Options: Tooth Reference

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The third modality that we’re gonna talk about today, because there are others, of course, the tooth or teeth reference. And this is where the teeth, some of the teeth stay in the mouth to maintain the vertical reference as you complete the surgery. When you have a tooth reference case, what that means is that some of the patient’s existing teeth are going to provide the before and after bite. So this is a pretty straightforward way to complete these cases. Now, this patient is not with these photos, but I just wanted to show an example of what a full smile, full face and then an exaggerated smile should be for these. This is an aesthetic, anterior aesthetic zone case. We wanna see an exaggerated smile, so there’s no surprises cases with Dr. Sully Sullivan. You’ll see on the last slide, he’s one of our KOLs on grammetry.

He has a course as well in Nashville today. The full Monty on grammetry. You’re gonna love it. Totally worth your time and the cost, totally worth it. So he completed this case a few weeks ago. As you can see, the teeth are circled here. They are the constant. And, and that means that I’m kind of skipping ahead here, but just imagine that the patient started this way, right? So there’s no extraction, there’s no bone leveling. Implants go in, OptiSplints go in lute them together. In this case they were, you see luted together here, use some composite, composite works. No problem there. It’s also white, easy to scan. We like stellar. We like the quick light curability of it, the flowability of it, but it’s optional. It was all cured in the mouth.

And because there are teeth in here, it might just be good enough to just scan this in the mouth, include the teeth, take it out, move on. If you want to put healing collars in here, then that is an additional scan and you can scan that in the mouth. And then you would scan the splint outside the mouth, which is really what we’re teaching is our protocol. Extra oral scanning of the implants, right? A unique protocol in the industry. And the records are very simple. In this case, we’re gonna have a before with the teeth. We know it’s the vertical. We have the photographs. And then here you really have the option. Do you wanna scan it in the mouth or do you want to scan it extra orally or scan Both. Scan it in the mouth.

You can even scan around here carefully to pick up the tissue. And then you can scan it outside the mouth. We will not be too concerned about the lingual tissue of these cases. You can even suture around this to pick it up and then upload these files. Very simple. And then we will design. This is a little, little more more traditional scan body type surgery, right? You’ve seen this done a lot with regular scan bodies, but iOS scanners do not pick it up perfectly in a bloody environment. Picking up between regular scan bodies. They just don’t. And with this process, with the extra oral scan, it will be dead on.


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