Grammetry Workflow Options: Denture Reference

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And then the final modality for today is the denture reference. This is something that is commonly used either in an immediate situation, right? Media, denture, or in an existing case, patient has a denture. Go right into surgery and use this as the record for the bite, the teeth, the tooth position. Really, that’s a nice way to set yourself up for success for these cases, especially restoratively. A patient can either have an existing denture or you make an immediate, we can design them, you can print them, we can design them and print them and ship them to you any way you like. No problem. We can also make you beautiful, finished dentures the patient can wear if you’re not gonna deliver that same day or maybe even the next day. So there’s options there. Okay? Patient comes in, you have a denture that you’re gonna use as the reference. That is your reference for the scan, the healing collars, the bite, the teeth, the two position, the vertical, everything. All right? Let’s go through a surgery. Go through the normal process, whatever your process is, guided unguided, freehand. Put the implants in, put the multi-unit abundances in.

Then you will pick up the OptiSplint in the mouth. Pick it up. Do not scan this in the mouth. There’s no need to take this out. You’ll scan it on the bench. Okay? Then you put in your healing collars. You’ll see these, healing collars or some I cams. It’s part of the library. It’s fine. You can use ’em. You will scan these. You will not scan these in the mouth. You won’t need to. That’s a tough scan. Okay? It’s optional, but really what we want is all in one scan. And in that situation you will load both dentures with impression material, okay? And you will seat them because this is really what we want. This gives us everything in one scan. So the upper is already in. Just simply load the denture with material, seat it and close and hold in position.

Now here’s the trick. This is very important. You want to try that denture in those dentures in prior to loading them with impression material. These dentures cannot rest on top of those healing collars. Okay? These healing collars are kind of tall. They’re very tall. So you probably want to use a lower profile healing collar for this process, okay? But you do not want any burn through any of the healing collars. These must be entirely in wash material. Otherwise the denture is tipping on one or more of the healing collars and you’re not getting the proper bite. So do a wash impression. Right? Now you notice there is, is no screws or tads. We don’t need ’em. This is gonna be an iOS impression of the healing collars outside the mouth in the denture. All right? You’ve captured up or lower next step scan the denture 360 scan, both of them.

Okay? What we end up with is this. Now you can, you should also scan the denture outside the mouth. So you’re going to scan the upper lower. We don’t need any intraoral scans of the denture. Take ’em out. Scan one at a time. Upper lower scan the intaglio scan, the intaglio, hold it in your hand, scan the bite. Yep. Upload based on that, right? You’re gonna upload that, sorry. You’re gonna upload that along with the OptiSplint scans out. Now you see these are intraoral scans. We don’t want them intraoral, we want them extraoral for the accuracy. Okay? This is what you upload. 1, 2, 3, 4, basically three, three files because these will all be in one one event. And then the other event will be the OptiSplint upload that we make you a prosthesis. All right? Here are the records based on that.

And, and those copings are just for visuals, just to show you how we have aligned the parts. And then we design your prosthesis, ship it to you to print. There are no copings. That’s just a nice little pretty visual coping free. Or as we mentioned before, make some models and make copings. No problem. Totally up to you on our website for all these different things we just talked about. You’re going to upload it onto our portal. You’ll log in. Up at the top of the screen it says submit your case. And in here you’re gonna pick grammetry. See the product here you’ll have a dropdown. This is how fast you want it. This is which archer arches, what are we doing with, where are the photographs? Which screw are you gonna use, which healing collar? And then give us some instruction about the setup. You’ll drag and drop your STL files into this folder here and upload them. And off we go. We have a bookings page, which I’ll reference here in just a minute. And this will be a link so that you can pre-book your surgery. We don’t want any surprises. We want to know when you’re gonna be in surgery. So you’ll let us know. Okay? We’ll get to that there at the very end. This is where you upload your files.


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