Grammetry OptiSplint Kit Components

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What comes in a Grammety OptiSplint kit? This particular case is Nobel-compatible for four implants. What that means is that the OptiSplint, which fits on Nobel multiunit abutments, is set up for a unigrip screw, because it’s Nobel, and it’s for four implant sites. That’s how you confirm what’s in the box. When you take the contents out of the box, you’ll have four OptiSplint scan bodies, a small frame, a large frame, two sets of restorative scan bodies, and you’ll have some snips. So let’s quickly go through what that means. The small frame is the one that’s used most often, and every package comes with a little handle.

The handle clicks into the middle of a mesh, and you can use it to deliver the mesh to the mouth. And that’s in that package as well. If you have a patient that has a wide arch, or you’re including some posterior implants or anterior implants, then you may want to use the large frame. Then again, you could trim the sides of it if you need to fit it in with the included snippers.Then, you have these, what we’re calling Arch Tracers, but they’re really scan bodies. These are for the restorative phase. So these components are all surgical, and these are for restorative, where you plug these into the intaglio of the prosthesis inside of the temp cylinders to scan. It gives us a reference when we’re scanning. So those are the items inside of an OptiSplint kit.

When you receive your kit, you’ll also receive this compression package so that you can ship your OptiSplint to the laboratory. As you can see, it has a little bit of a bounce here, it’s got a nice soft packaging to protect the OptiSplint while it’s shipping, or even while you’re storing it in the office while you’re waiting for the restorative phase. Just be sure that when you close the lid down you’re not closing the sides of the top onto the OptiSplint. You will want it centered in the packaging and then carefully close it down. That’s it, nice and sealed. And that is a Grammetry kit.


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