Full Arch Options: Strength Guide

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This video will discuss ROE Dental Laboratories full arch prosthetic options. Let’s list them by name in order of strength, from lowest strength to highest strength. This is the Nano-Ultra Trilor, Nano-Ultra titanium, FP1 prosthetic, FP2, FP3 TLZ-IB, and finally Nobel Procera Bridge. Let’s go through each of these really quickly to explain the features and benefits. The Nano-Ultra product is a composite resin tooth structure that is bonded to a trilor substructure. Trilor, triniad, there’s different materials on the market. The reason this one is considered the lowest strength is that the substructure is a milled Kevlar type, peak type material with a crystal, basically an nano ceramic teeth bonded on top, so it doesn’t have the rigid stability as a zirconia or a titanium yet. It is a little bit flexible, so it does have the little bit softer bounce to the patient, which comes with a two-year warranty.

Another product in the two-year warranty class is a Ultra-Nano titanium. This is a crystal ultra teeth, same teeth as the Nano Ultra, but these teeth are bonded to a titanium substructure. This substructure can go directly to implant or to MUA, but what it gives is a little bit of an advantage on cantilevers. It gives a little more rigidity to the product, a little much less flex than the trilor type material, but it does allow us to either bond, in this case, Nano Ultra, or you can put zirconia on this and don’t have an example of that, but that’s a very, very strong restoration. But this is a nano titanium. The next strength would be an FP1 prosthetic. This is basically a crown and bridge design with necks of teeth. This usually goes to multi-unit abutments, but can also go direct to implant if we have some parallelism.

This is a hundred percent zirconia. This is designed for scalloping of tissue and to have a very nice natural appearance in the smile zone or with minimal reduction, minimal space situations for patients. So that is a FP1 TLZ-IB. This is an FP2 TLZ-IB, and the difference is this has a pink material, so it’s called an FP2. So instead of just crown and bridge, it’ll have some pink because it might be in the smile zone or because the space for the restoration doesn’t allow for just teeth, it has to have some pink. These are normally a little bit more robust in an FP1, and that’s why it’s in the stronger category, and that is a six year warranty product. The next is TLZ-IB, which is our workhorse of full arch restorations. This is a full zirconia monolithic material that is milled out of zirconia pucks, and then it is beautified with mio liquid crystal porcelain.

It does not have to be fired more than just a few times, and so it has a very good integrity. It does have temp copings cemented into it, and this is almost always to multi-unit abutments. This has a little bit more of a China sound to it when it clicks, but this is really designed to be a long-term prosthetic for the patient. Very strong. Comes with a nice six year warranty, so that is A TLZ-IB. And finally, which is strongest in class, is the Procera Bridge. This is a Nobel Procera milled bridge. Now, this is unique. This fits directly to multi-units. There are no copings in this case. It’s a very polished, high polished under surface, and it is milled as a one piece. I have a little sticky waxer to hold ’em together, but it’s a beautiful restoration. This is designed by ROE.

It is beautified by ROE, but it’s milled at the Procera milling facility in New Jersey. This particular case is special because it doesn’t have copings. It was also made model free with the iCAM system, but this can be traditional records as in for any full arch, and the strength really comes in complete monolithic restorations, no copings to de-bond. So those are the main popular products that ROE Dental laboratory sells. There are many other variations we do. We can make gold instead of silver colored substructures. We can make traditional hybrids and of course, many different variations based on how the patient presents and the implant positions. Now, all full arch restorations come with our miniComfort. This is a guard that the patient wears either during the day or night in full arch zirconia. They can wear it both days because we don’t have to worry about super eruption, but the patient only contacts on these discluding elements. So in other words, patient would wear this, and as they’re wearing it, they would come into contact with the opposing cuspid area only and the patient would stay apart. You see, no clank. It’s comfortable. It does not affect speech much at all, and the patient can wear it during the day because it’s not noticeable. Very comfortable either in stressful situations or really just to protect the investment. Those are ROE Dental Laboratories, full arch restorative alternatives.


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