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What is the difference between scan analogs and scan bodies?

Scan Bodies– are a digital dentistry device that is used by both dentists and dental technicians to identify the exact position, angle, and height of a dental implant. They screw into an implant in the mouth, are scanned with a digital impression, and sent to the lab. They are the digital option if the doctor has a digital impression. Interestingly, on the lab side, we scan them on the model because they are the only method of fabricating a custom abutment.

It is very important to know the scan body being used. They are proprietary to the lab, the implant company, the milling center, etc. One scan body may be accepted by one entity but not by the other. Contact us or the provider of the scan body to inquire about compatibility.

iJIG Scan Analog—these are special analogs that are attached to a full arch prosthetic, scanned outside the mouth to give the implant and abutment position to the lab. Click here for full details

What are surgical guide sleeves?

Sleeves—are the metal cylinders that fit in a surgical guide. They are used to direct the drill or guided kit into the correct position to make the osteotomy.

Where online can I order sleeves myself and not have to call in?

You will need to log into your ROE online account. Once logged in under lab products you’ll find the product CBCT Guide Sleeves. You can then choose your specifics (ex/ implant brand and quantity) then place your order. If you do not find the exact information, there is a notes section for more specific parameters such as height, ID (inside diameter), or OD (outside diameter), and specific implant systems and guided kit.

How much is an implant scan body?

$39.00 Each

Where do I place scan makers?

There are two types of markers, Scan Stickers which you can purchase from ROE or, and Gutta Percha points.

Scan Stickers – is a good source for markers. Scan Appliances require at least 6 markers in the appliance. Make sure they are all separated and not on the tongue side of the appliance. They must also remain on the appliance in the same exact position for the patient scan an appliance scan (dual scan process).

Gutta-Percha The appliance can also have 6, 1.5mm round gutta‐percha radiopaque markers placed into the appliance (#5 bur). These markers are utilized in the data merging process following the CT scan. We suggest six randomly placed points. To eliminate the possible effects of scatter, markers should be placed 10mm away from any metal restorations.

How much are scan markers

$19.00 for a pack, enough for 1 arch.

How much does a CT Guide sleeve cost?

$15.00 each

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