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Are all prosthetic screws the same?

Definitely not. The quickest way to lock in a prosthetic it to use the wrong screw or the wrong screw driver (aka thumb driver). There are about a dozen screws on the market from different manufacturers. Nobel Biocare uses a Uni Grip; Straumann uses a SRS; 3i, MegaGen, Hiossen, Neodent use .048; Neodent also has other screw sizes; may companies have developed all new drivers for angled screw channel cases to engage the screw from an angle; 3rd party companies have made screws that fit in the components and implants but have universal drivers to fit them all; some screws have flat bottoms and some have rounded; some screws are longer than others and on and on.

What is the torque on a prosthetic screw?

It is imperative that the office finds the exact brand of the screw and researches the torque value. Torque ranges from 15 for most systems, up to 30 for others. If you over torque, the screw will break.

What torque driver should I use for implant screws?

It is always safe to purchase the diver from the implant manufacture. However, if you have a universal driver kit, it will have variable torque values and will torque any screw into place. Just be sure to have the specific driver for the screw being torqued.

How often should prosthetic screws be replaced?

Replacement varies from company to company. Some recommend replacing with every maintenance visit, some say every other. Best practice is to see how the patient is wearing their prosthetic. Are they bruxers or clenchers and have reoccurrence of screws loosening? If so, it is best to replace screws every maintenance removal and torque to the maximum amount.

Why are there two different colored screws with my abutment?

Generally, when there are two different colors it is due to one being for the lab and one for the mouth.

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