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What is the prosthetic conversion kit?

  • That is an al a carte item that most of our doctors buy.
  • It includes 1 tube of Stellar dual cure Pink and White tubes, special block-out gaskets and plugs.
  • It includes materials for the quick conversion.
  • We’ve tried many materials on the market and developed this kit to be the best.
  • ERA pickup does not seem to be strong enough, Duralay is not esthetic, and other materials have just not proven themselves.

How much does it cost?

2019/Q2 – $188

What is included?

Quick-Up, adhesive blockout gaskets, syringeable blockout, applicators

Do you have to use the adhesive?

YES – will not bond without the bonding agent

Is Voco light cure or self-cure… or dual-cure?

We only includes the SELF CURE ONLY Voco

Does the prosthetic have to be dry to use Voco and adhesive?

Must be completely dry, including clean of blood. Future debonding eminent if the surface of the prosthetic cylinders is dry or contaminated.

What alternatives are good when VOCO is gone or missing?

Duralay, acrylic, Holmes Quick Set, GC Pattern Resin, Stellar. If these materials are not available find a doctor in the area and ask. Do not use standard acrylics.

Should the inside of the cylinders be adjusted for mechanical retention?

Yes, very helpful, especially if not using VOCO or GC Pattern resin. If using acrylic or ERA pick-up (not advised materials), yes.

When to cut off posterior teeth?

5mm distal from the posterior hole. Optional to grind down the posterior tooth down so that there is a flange extending posteriorly for the iJIG to capture the ridge when going to final. This is nice for capturing the posterior ridge in the future. This is up to the doctor if to leave the distal flange. If the doctor is going to make an iJIG then recommended to leave the flange. If picking up the RAPID (advisable), the posterior teeth are not removed and the ridge can be captured under the molars later.

What is the minimal torque for immediate loading? Do you add the implant torques together?

Totally up to the doctor. But we’ve heard doctors add them for a total of 140 rule between all of them. We don’t recommend. Can add another implant in the area. Sleep implants and add to the RAPID, or iJIG later.

What if the hole is too deep for the doctor’s tools to tighten and loosen the temp cylinders?

Ask the implant rep for a longer driver. Our clinical techs bring long lab drivers to surgeries.

What if you have to choose a different site for an implant? How do you adjust the carrier guide and prosthetic?

Index the carrier where the hole is and adjust the prosthetic, making the hole smaller than the others so that not to jeopardize strength. Can also go back to the denture prosthetic and convert, All-on-4 style, as a last resort.

How many implants are too few to continue?

3, unless one is in the middle. Total clinician judgment call.

Can you load a spinner?


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