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How does one start a CHROME case?

First, create an online account to upload your records: . We have developed easy-to-follow checklists –


A CT Scan:

  • a.) Dentate: Scan with jaw’s open, biting on cotton
  • b.) Edentulous: dual scan. Use denture as scan appliance and seen in occlusion


  • a.) upper, lower and bite, we will need all of the anatomy.


  • a.) For a full-guided smile case only
  • b.) Full face smile
  • c.) 3 pictures of the bite. Left, right and straight occlusion on with cheek retractors.

What if I am not digital? I don’t have digital impressions

  • Send you PVS impressions or models with a bite. Feel free to mount your case on a semi-adjustable articulator and we’ll scan the models and begin working on the case.
  • Whether digital or not, every case gets articulated on semi adjustable articulator. Every case goes through a multiple step evaluation. Actually we have dentists here who analyze the cases, make measurements of space, measurements of gingival zeniths for standard openings; we do all kinds of things to make sure that we’re ready to move forward, and that that’s a two or three day process.

How do I know what records to send for each type of case?

Click here for our easy-to-follow checklists.

What CBCT cone beam scanners do you work with?

  • We work with all cone beam scanners. We just need the ‘raw dicom’ from the scanner. We need multi-file dicom, should be a set of files that end in .dcm. Just export them into a folder and then zip the folder and upload via our web portal. If you are having trouble:
  • Web page to help with exporting dicom:

Walk through beginning a dentate CHROME case

  • Send photos for a Smile Simulation
  • Send the lab models, bite, a Facebow if needed, DICOM with teeth separated, or digital impressions that include the vestibule and palate if upper.
  • ROE will perform a set-up that you can see if requested
  • Within 3 days of receiving the records, we will contact you for additional records, or send an email asking for the online meeting schedule
  • We host a live online meeting where a pre-planned case is ready for your review and you are confirming or changing alveolectomy, implant position and size.
  • You schedule surgery
  • We fabricate the case and ship to you after 10 lab days of production
  • We provide a list of implants and angulations, cuff height range, so that you can order. You’ll order 2 sets of temp cylinders, one for the nano, one for the RAPID.

What if the patient is wearing a full arch temporary?

Simply capture the records as if they were normal teeth

What photographs do you want for CHROME?

  • Very nice, full smile photo for the Smile Simulation. Everything is in focus. The patient is an exaggerated smile. We want to see the, you know, the poor dentition so we can improve upon it. Examples are found here.
  • We also need left, right and center retracted photos in occlusion. We take those retracted photos use them to confirm that we articulated your cast correctly.
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