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I have a partial that needs repaired. What should I do?

Please contact us at 800-228-6663 to discuss the specifics and expected return times.

Can you add teeth or clasps to a flexible partial?

Yes! 3 days for Valplast, 2 days for Metal, 1 day for acrylic. Many acrylic repairs can be completed in one day, and, if local, can be completed the same day. For specific cases please call and give us the details and we can give you a time frame.

Can you reline a flexible partial?

Valplast material does not accept relines. Instead, if the teeth are to remain, the we recommend a JUMP and it takes 3 days in lab. The office will need to send a pickup impression. A Jump is when the lab locks in the teeth in the flask and replaces all the Valplast through a new injection molded process.

What type of metals do you use in your partial framework and or crown bridge?

Our metal frameworks are Selective Laser Metal printed with cr/co and you can learn more about our PFM crowns at

Can you add teeth and repair flexible partials?

Many Valplast partials can be repaired. You can email a photo to so that we can review. Some cannot however due to the nylon thermoplastic limitations. In general, the less flexible areas can be repaired.

What brands or types of flexible partials do you make and repair?

At this time, we offer Valplast and Acetal Resin frames. Valplast can be repaired, but Acetal cannot.

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